Baby Jelly Roll Sizzle Finish

Hello Everyone and welcome back! Well, it’s finally gotten hot here just like the rest of the country. At least we made to the end of July with only a few 90 degree days. Now we will be in the high 90’s for the next few days, but will experience a “cool down” into the mid 80’s with chances of showers every day by mid week. The one thing that is good about the warmer temperatures is that the Lantana has finally started to grow like it should. It definitely likes the hotter temperatures.

This week, I finished the Baby Jelly Roll Sizzle quilt, a free pattern from The Fat Quarter Shop. I used Heather Peterson’s Shades of Summer 21 piece Rolie Polie from Riley Blake Designs. I made 9 blocks and added a 2″ border so it finishes at 40″.

I had fun quilting this one. I don’t often quilt an all over free motion design on my quilts. I usually quilt smaller motifs in individual blocks. I concentrated really hard while I was quilting to keep the echoing about half an inch distance and am pleased with the results. In the background, I quilted swirls, paisleys and hearts. I quilted the pinwheel sections first using my walking foot and marking the design. The quilt was small enough that I could turn it as needed.

The baby quilt has already been turned over to my quilt group for donation in October. I hope I can make at least two more before the deadline in early October. The group is trying to get at least a hundred to donate. Unlike me, there are several ladies who make several a week so that goal will probably be met.

I did get out this week and bought more batting so I could baste my Lakeside Jelly Roll Sizzle. I started quilting it yesterday, but unlike the baby quilt, I had to quilt the pinwheels with my free motion foot because I wasn’t going to struggle with constantly turning the quilt. I used the same motif and marked it with a Hera marker. I hope to completely finish it by the end of the week.

The quilt group meets every second and fourth Friday of the month, so Friday was meeting day. One of the ladies brought us a new project, turning band uniforms into zipper pouches! The band will pay the group so that’s good, but they want 200! I agreed to start with 10 and see how it goes. The sleeves have already been cut out so we can use the name of the school in the bag. I’ll have to see how fast it goes once I get the routine down, then maybe I can commit to 10 more.

Last week, I had a question from Gay about hanging my quilts on the door to the garage. I thought others might like to know, too. I use command strips. I will caution you to follow all the directions if you use them, especially how you take them off the wall. If done correctly, they won’t damage the wall.

The picture above shows them on the door. I determine the spacing needed to hang the quilt so the strips are inside the binding. I follow the directions to put the bottom ones on the wall and go through the wait time before adding the top. I place the top strip onto the strip on the wall instead of on the quilt. You can adjust the quilt as needed to get it centered and straight. You can see that the sticky tape has been used several times above. When the quilts won’t stick well anymore, I just need to replace the top strip. This has worked out well and I can change my quilts periodically.

I’ve used this method for all the small quilts hanging on my wall in my sewing studio. You can find a tour of my studio here. I’ve added a few things to the shelves and now have a couch in front of the TV but otherwise it hasn’t changed much. Of course, it’s not nearly as neat as in these pictures!

I think that’s it for today. It looks like I’ll have a busy week cutting up uniforms. I hope to get back to the Moda Blockhead Blocks, too. I hope you all have a fun and safe week and thanks for stopping by!

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5 Responses to Baby Jelly Roll Sizzle Finish

  1. Gay says:

    Thanks for the hanging information. Will give it a try.


  2. Little Quiltsong says:

    Great idea with those command hooks – haven’t seen those type before. Beautiful baby quilt – love, love your quilting! Enjoy your bag making – you always do a wonderful job with these.


  3. Helen says:

    I’ve found for bigger quilts or if the command strip is starting to lose it’s stick you can pin through the quilt into the strip with a sewing pin without damaging the wall. Get one with a small head and it’s almost invisible.


  4. Lydia says:

    Am curious about these bags-can’t wait to see how they look. I did all the cutting for 1 quilt and most for another Holly Daze, but need a smidge more fabric for the 9 patch corners. I’ve got a 3rd in the wings, and I’ve only bought the background fabric which is a big part of the quilt so I’m hoping to be just sewing in the next week. Lots of hand stitching to be done while watching TV. Slow and steady progress down here!


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