A Day Out, March Weather and a Quilty Update

Hello Everyone! We had a beautiful day out on Friday, then snow and falling temperatures on Saturday! March is definitely fickle. I don’t have much quilting to share this week because I’ve been plugging away at quilting County Fair, but I did get my nephew’s quilt pieces cut. I also fully finished a cross stitch piece I’ll share on Wednesday.

I cut all the black background pieces (top fabric), then the strips from the two Zen Chic Jr. Jelly Rolls I’m using. The pattern is Ambience that came in the December Sew Sampler Box. You can see my plans here. The grays and whites from the two jelly rolls are not exactly in the same shades, but I think they will work for this quilt. I have the print strips divided up into color ways so as I sew I hope to get a good variety in each block.

I have a tip for you when working with dark fabric, especially on a dark cutting mat. I turned the fabric so the wrong side is facing out to make it easier to see. I used the Creative Grids Stripology Ruler to cut the strips, then subcut them into the final size needed. That ruler makes cutting so much faster and easier. I’m going to start sewing the blocks together this week.

Friday was a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid 60’s so my husband wanted to check out a new fishing river near Old Rag Mountain in the Shenandoah NP. You get there by going through one of our favorite drives in this area.

At the start of the trail that goes by the river, you need to cross two branches of the river by walking across these boulders. It was doable by me and my short legs, but it did provide a little excitement to the hike.

My husband thought it was a “good looking river” and he and my son will go back and fish for native (brown) trout in April although my husband may go back sooner. We ended up hiking just over 2 miles on a perfect afternoon.

I took this picture of Old Rag (second mountain) on our way out of the pretty little valley of farms leading to the river.

But as I said, March is fickle and we woke up to snow yesterday morning. We ended up with about three inches, but it should be gone in a day or two as the temperatures warm up.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you have a great week ahead. Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to A Day Out, March Weather and a Quilty Update

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Beautiful hiking area and scenery – really makes a person yearn for Spring. We too got a lot of snow this weekend. Maybe the last ‘roar’ before spring – maybe not :)! Enjoy your quilting with these lovely fabrics.


  2. Lydia says:

    Crazy how weather changes. While it was absolutely frigid here on Saturday there was just a bit of flurries in the morning then nothing. Can’t wait to see the quilt top come together.


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