WIP Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Hello Everyone! Can you believe it’s already March? At least the sun has been present the past view days. It seemed that most of February was covered in clouds with snow on the ground. It was sort of nice to have the snow our first winter back in Virginia, but I know the weather here and it could be a few more years before we have snow again. Today I am going to share my cross stitch project progress and a few finds from Target.

Last Week
This Week

I made lots of progress on the sky in Scenic Farm. I just have to fill in around the leaves in the tree, then I will move onto the darker sets of leaves. Except for the light blue, the other colors are blended threads. They were all half stitches in this section, so it goes pretty fast. I did spend a whole morning blending threads instead of stitching. That way I can just sit down and stitch. I’ll spend some time blending the threads for the brownish leaves in the next day or two since they are all blends, too.

I got back to Salute to Abigale by Blackbird Designs after I finished Lets Talk Winter. It was good to get a few stitches in. I’m stitching it on 32 ct Sand Dune by Lakeside Linen. I’ve substituted the silk with overdyed threads; CCW Cupid and Blacksmith Blue, GA Blue Jay and DMC 3865.

I started Dorothy Mae’s Pink House by Pinker N Punkin Quilting. Go here to see a picture of the cute little pillow. This is a freebie by Melisa and she just released a new one, Spring Green Saltbox. Melisa is so generous with all the free little charts. There are several other house patterns that I plan on downloading, too. I’m stitching it on 36 ct Winter Moon Zwiegert, 2 over 2 using most of the called for DMC.

I spent Sunday and part of Monday kitting up some new projects, one of them the Pink House.

Do you create a mess when you are kitting up projects? I actually took this picture before I pulled my flosses from kits that I had finished. I had DMC all over the place, getting it sorted and back into the proper boxes.

I have a plan for Savor Every Stitch by Misty of Luminous Fiber Arts. Follow the link to see a better picture of this cute pillow. Misty released this at last years Needle Works market and I picked it up shortly after that as a pdf, then I ordered the thread kit to go with it. It included the overdyed floss, then I added the called for DMC. When I only need a little bit of a color, I’ll pull the DMC off the bobbin and place it on a postcard I make into a thread keep. I’m going to stitch this on White 32 ct Belfast linen, 2 over 2.

I also ordered Spring Time and Winter Time by Crocette a gogo from her Etsy shop. I watched a Jan Hicks Creates Flosstube who showed us the shop during the video. The shop is full of cute things.

Instead of stitching the whole piece, I plan on stitching the house section at the top and the birdhouse. I am not a big spring decorator, especially bunnies and chicks, but for some reason, these pink houses are calling to me. These are charted for DMC and I picked up the rest of the DMC I needed yesterday. I haven’t picked the fabric yet, either, so these are not fully kitted. Those tulip pots at the top would make a cute little pillow, too.

While I was at Target yesterday, I found these mesh bags in the dollar spot for $3 for the large and small pair so I picked up a couple.

They will just barely fit 8.5 x 11 paper patterns in them, but they will be good for smaller projects.

I also got a new file box to put my patterns in. I have them in a purple plastic basket now, but wanted something a little more decorative. What do you think about Savory Every Stitch going on the front of this box? That’s my plan, now we’ll see how long before it gets realized. I got the Welcome Home piece from the Target dollar spot a few weeks ago and I’m glad I got it then. They were all gone yesterday. I thought it would be good to finish a small piece on.

That’s it for now. Today, we’re going for a long drive around the edge of Shenandoah NP so my husband can scout trout streams. It supposed to be a beautiful day and I’m packing a picnic for us. Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday, March 3, 2021

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Love seeing your progress on Scenic Farm and all your new Spring cross-stitches yet to be stitched. I finally put together a cross-stitch, but changed the colours on it. Hoping it will look nice once done :)!


  2. Lydia says:

    Great progress, I’m probably 3/4 through my Salute to Abigail.


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