A Quilting Update and Another Hokie Hike

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. This has been a busy week. Early in the week, we were still catching up on doctor’s appointments (it takes forever to get appointments for new patients), we went on a great hike on Wednesday, hit a winery on Thursday and I met with the community quilt group on Friday. I told my husband he was welcome to go out on Saturday, but I was staying home! I did manage to get the center of my quilt finished despite being gone alot.

First though, I want to share our Hokie Hike. We registered through Alumni Relations and this time we had our shirts. It was a sunny day, but more hazy than on the last few hikes I’ve shared.

I found a new trail nearby so we headed west towards West Virginia! I believe those rocks at the top of the mountain are where we ended up.

We hiked the short part of the Eagle Rock Trail, which is part of the Tuscarora Trail. Our hike was 2.8 miles long.

It started as a gentle incline, then a steeper climb near the end. The leaves on the western side of the mountain were almost all yellow and were waning, but we saw some of the prettiest leaves and color on this ride and hike than we have all fall.

Even through the haze, you can see how beautiful this view was. We are looking southwest along the Great North Mountain ridge line.

From here, we hiked up to and past the next set of rocks. The trail leveled out and looked like it was going to continue along the ridge for a ways so we turned around for the trip back. We had the whole trail to ourselves so a selfie is the best we could do.

Before we hiked, I read alot about the hike and hikers mentioned not seeing Eagle Rock. We searched around for it and on on our way back down, we stopped again to look at the main overlook and my husband found it. At least we are guessing this is it. Do you see it? Look at the top rock as the eagle’s head and the one to the right as the wing.

The best leaf color was in the parking area! The time to log the Hokie Hike miles is through November 20 so maybe we’ll get one more hike in next week.

So during all the business, I managed to sew a few rows of the County Fair quilt together and finish the main part of the quilt.

After finishing the quilt center, I played around with the border settings and have decided on the one above. In the pattern, there are four borders, each 2″. I really wanted the red fabric to shine, so I’ll have three graduating borders.

I also spent an hour Face Timing my friend Lydia in Georgia. While we were chatting, I worked on this English Paper Piecing project that I started in the fall of 2019. I was only working on it once a month when I met with a group at a local quilt shop. Well that ended in the winter of 2020 and I have only done a little bit since. I was able to stitch the top red row together while talking with her. My next step is to make more hexies. I have this sitting out so I’ll remember to work on it.

Thanks for stopping by this week. I appreciate all the comments that I receive. I hope you have a great week!

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2 Responses to A Quilting Update and Another Hokie Hike

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Such beautiful fall leaves and trails. So happy you got to enjoy this. Love the crisp air in the Fall, when all the humidity is gone. Beautiful quilt centre. Love the choices you made with the borders.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lydia says:

    Love the hexi project. Looks like y’all have some great areas to hike. I may have to come vacation with you guys this summer. Maybe bring my sewing machine too!


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