Chain Stitch Tutorial

I like to use the chain stitch for stems and anywhere I want more dimension than a back stitch or stem stitch will give me. In this tutorial, I’m showing you how I use it in place of a buttonhole stitch to hold applique down. I try to catch the applique about a threads width in.

To make the Chain Stitch:



1.  Bring your thread to the top at Athis is your starting point.

2.  Inset the needle back at A, not in the same hole, but close and take a small stitch,    bringing needle up about 1/8th inch at B.


3.  Wrap the thread under the needle and pull the needle over the thread, making a loop. Pull to tighten, but not too tight.


4.   Insert the needle at B and take another small stitch to C with the thread under the needle. Pull to make loop and tighten.



5.  Insert the needle at C and take a small stitch to D. Make your loop and continue.


6.  Continue with the chain stitch. To end your stitch, insert your needle over the top of the last loop at E and pull thread to the back and tie off.