Lots of Stitching and Finishing Going On

Hello Everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been very busy. Our basement repairs and the final cleaning was completed on Wednesday morning, so I’ve spent the past few days moving everything back into it’s place and doing a little organizing and decluttering along the way, too. It’s almost back to normal. I also picked up my sewing machine, so it’s ready when I am.

From left to right: Pumpkin Pageant by Louise Young, A Cardinal’s Carol by Misty Pursel, A Quaker’s Delight Scissor Fob by Jeannette Douglas, Autumn Well-Rounded by Hands On Design

As I’ve been waiting on the basement, I took some time to work on fully finishing completed cross stitch pieces. The top two above are not fully finished, but they are attached to the mat board. They still need a little work before displaying them. The Well Rounded piece (blue) is completely finished now and I will display it with the other two in the series. I think I mentioned that the scissor fob was a little large for that, so it’s finished, but I’m looking for a final way to display it, too.

I’ve been asked several times recently about my finishing techniques. If I’m not framing the piece or making them into pillows, then I mount them on mat board with a layer of batting in between. I will usually lace the back of the cross stitch piece. These are not my techniques, but things I’ve learned from watching videos or following someone’s written tutorial. Sometimes, especially in the case of Hands On Design pieces, the finishing directions are given in the chart. I plan to write an upcoming post about ways I finish and give you a list of my favorite tutorials, both in video and written format. In the meantime, you can see how I make a flat finish in my tutorial that I wrote for an embroidery piece when I was a featured blogger for Jacquelynne Steves. It’s the same technique that I use for all my flat mounted cross stitch pieces except I used glue there and now I mostly lace the back as shown above.

Above is the large piece from Let’s Talk Spring by Hands On Design. Since I’m stitching the seasonal series, I’m mounting each of them on the same background piece. You can see the magnet and washer system that I use based on Priscilla Blain’s technique. I have Summer to stitch in the series and won’t start it until next spring. Spring is stitched on 32 ct Charcoal Lugana, 2 over 2 using the called for DMCs.

I also fully finished the small piece from Let’s Talk Summer. In the post about finishing, I will show a few steps of finishing a round piece. Small Summer is stitched on 16 ct Chalkboard Black Aida with the called for DMCs.

I also fully finished Liberty and Bloom Chalk Full by Hands On Design and Priscilla Blain. I had previously finished Harvest and finished these two the same way. If you go here, you can see how I displayed Harvest last year. I’m not sure I’m going to continue to use the same picture frame or find something new. In that same post, I show how I finished another fall piece if you are interested. I still have things to finish that require a sewing machine, so I plan to get those done soon, especially the fall pieces.

I do have a couple of finished pieces. Above is The Blue Flower’s Seasons of the Heart from the Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine. I believe you can buy the chart now. It’s stitched on 40 ct Lt Mocha using the called for DMCs. I have Autumn left to stitch in this series and will be getting it ready to start soon.

I finished the stitching in Autumn Skies by Hands On Design. The felt came with the chart but I still need to stitch it down. I’m going to use some applique glue to hold it in place and use a running stitch to stitch it down. I’m going to finish this one into a small pin pillow. It’s stitched on 32 ct Platinum. I used the called for DMC except for the orange, it’s CCW Colonial Copper.

I’ve continued to work on Cinnamon Stars and am happy with my progress. This is the new morning stitch, but I have to confess to working on it in the evenings some, too. I’m really enjoying stitching it and would like to have it finished sometime in early October.

I can’t remember if I showed you Birds and Berries since I finished the green jar, but I’m onto the last jar on the right side. Once I finish that jar, I’m going to backstitch the jars and start on the sprigs that are in the jars.

Since I finished Seasons, I started I Love Fall Most of All by With Thy Needle and Thread. I am stitching with most of the called for colors, but my pumpkin stem is much darker than the cover photo and it is the called for. I’ll be substituting a few colors, including the pumpkin because I don’t have them and didn’t want to wait on an order.

As you can see, I’ve had a lot of stitchy things going on. I’ll be ready to get back to sewing soon. I hope to get a few Moda Blockhead blocks cut out this week, but I have a few appointments, too.

My daughter will be arriving soon and then we’ll be driving to Maine for a trip to Acadia National Park. I had just started planning the trip in 2020 when life paused for a while. We are looking forward to it. If I have time, I’ll be back before the trip, but if not, I should have some great photos to share when we return. I will start working on the finishing post, too. In the meantime, I hope you all are starting to enjoy a little fall like weather. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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2 Responses to Lots of Stitching and Finishing Going On

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Wow – you have a wonderful gift for stitching, Brenda! So many lovely cross-stitch pieces, and thank you for showing how you finish them. I still need to attempt this with mine :)! Love seeing your progress – especially the Birds and Berries piece. Beautiful!


  2. Lydia says:

    Love seeing all of these finished projects, and the progress report.


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