Machicomoca SP and Apple Blossom Parades

Hello Everyone! Well I’m finally back after two very busy weeks. We had a great time camping, then came home and spent two days enjoying the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival activities, mostly the parades.

Our trip started by picking up the camper and taking it to my parents in Fredericksburg for a good cleanup. As my husband cleaned the outside, I went through all the inside cabinets to remove items we didn’t use and give them a good cleaning too. On Sunday, we left for Machicomoco SP near Yorktown. It’s located across the York River in Hayes, VA.

The park itself has been opened for less than two years and is located between two large creeks. The campground has only been open for nine months. It had really nice facilities, but very little shade in some of the camping spots. There are some newly planted trees around, but not close enough to the camp sites. It will be a very hot place in the summer.

We had one of the few shaded sites, but only in the morning. When we arrived on Sunday afternoon, it was close to 90. Very warm to be setting up. The campsites were paved and each had a gravel living space with with a fire ring and picnic table. It got cool enough on the last night to finally have a fire.

Late on Sunday afternoon, the campground host came by to chat and told us about the park and things to do. He suggested that we go to the car top (kayaks/canoes) boat launch and watch the sunset. We decided to walk and saw a beautiful sunset that night. I’m glad we went that night, because the others during the week were not nearly as pretty. There was a nice dock at the boat launch area and a roller system to launch the kayaks. I wish there was a system like that on our lake, you would never have to get wet, especially when it’s cool.

The first full day we spent exploring Gloucester and Gloucester Pointe. Here, we’re at the Gloucester Pointe Beach Park right across the water from Yorktown.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a horn sounded and the bridge started to open. I don’t think I’ve seen one open in two sections like this one.

We watched as a USN missile cruiser took it’s time coming up river to go through (under?) the bridge. I told my husband that it was nice to still be able to enjoy the simple things in life such as watch a bridge open and a ship go by. However, if I was crossing the bridge at the time and stuck in traffic I wouldn’t be happy. It took at least 20 minutes for the ship to get under the bridge. We left before the bridge closed, so it was probably another 10 minutes before the bridge opened. We found a place to eat lunch outside at a marina and had an enjoyable afternoon watching the boats.

My father-in-law, who lives in Williamsburg, came over and had lunch with us the next day at our campsite. It was nice to see him for a few hours. That night we had a few storms but nothing terrible.

The next day was cooler and clearer. The rain had washed away some of the pollen and haze. We took a walk around the entire park and stopped at the main part of the park. There is a nice picnic pavilion with bathrooms, a display with a history of the area (the Quonset Hut), and a new outdoor classroom area that was still in progress of being built. The house, built in the early 1800’s is being restored and will eventually be a place to stay at the park. There is also a dock in this area to walk on. Nearby, still in the park, is a place to launch large motorboats. If you were a water person or fisher person, this park would be a great place to spend some time.

That afternoon we crossed the bridge and had lunch in Yorktown, then did a quick drive through the Yorktown battlefield, which is where Cornwallis surrendered during the Revolutionary War. We didn’t have time to do the tour justice, so we hope to do it again when we are in Williamsburg. We had a great time and the park was beautiful, very different from our normal mountain trips. I’m looking forward to our next camping trip already.

We got home on Thursday, then on Friday, started two days of Apple Blossom Festivities.

On Friday, we met my brother-in-law downtown and had lunch from a food truck, then walked around and saw all the pretty decorations. The Firefighters Parade started late that afternoon. The town had two rows of chairs set up on the parade route that you could buy, but since we were hanging with the in-laws (they know everyone), we had nice yards to watch the parades from.

The Firefighters Parade has been a long standing tradition and there was a mix of old and new trucks. They also came from as far away as Boca Raton, FL. My husband has always talked about this parade and is his favorite and I can see why. I think it was my favorite, too. There were marching bands and convertibles with famous and not so famous people in them. It was a good, fun parade!

The next day was the Feature Parade. More marching bands, more famous people and floats. There were also Shriners in their little cars and motorcycle cop demonstrations. The few parades that I’ve been to in the last 30 years only had a few floats and the marching bands. It was quite fun. For this parade, we were able to watch it from a house right on the corner of the final turn and across from the bandstand.

It was a fun week, but by Sunday, we were very tired and just took the day off. On Monday, we started another busy week. I had regular things to do like laundry and buy groceries, but I also had a haircut appointment and wanted to buy a Dwarf Japanese Maple. I spent a good part of Tuesday searching for one. I made some stops on the way to get my haircut without success. I finally called a nursery on the other side of town that said they had them. I bought it and Wednesday was spent cleaning, then gardening. Besides planting the tree, I took out four Barberry bushes. In their place, I plan on planting some perennials.

I’ve spent a good part of this week looking for a place to stay for our planned Acadia National Park trip in September. It has taken up all my sewing time. I’ve narrowed some places down and hope to finalize that task today so it can be done. I did manage to baste my nephew’s quilt, but that’s been it. I would like to sew some this weekend.

I’ll be back soon with a quilting and cross stitch update. I do have a cross stitch finish and a few new starts. I would like to catch up on the Moda Blockhead blocks, too. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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