WIP Wednesday, January12, 2022

Hello Everyone and welcome to Works In Progress Wednesday. There has been some forward progress on a couple of projects this week, then their has been a little backward, then forward progress on a couple of others. Let me explain.

It started with Winter Rose Manor, my morning stitch, just after my post last week. It took two mornings to stitch the first part of the right border (where the diamonds are filled in). Then I wanted to work on the little tree, so I stitched that, counting from the last flower on the border. Next I wanted to add one of the snowflakes using the right border to count. It just was not matching with the tree. I counted and counted and finally realized that I had stitched four stitches per side on the diamonds and they should have been 5 stitches per side! I spent the rest of that morning and the next ripping all of it out. It took two more mornings to stitch that amount again, sigh! I will fill in the rest of the right border before moving on. I think I’ll start stitching the flowers on the right border so I can make my way down to the house. I want to be able to stitch a strand or two on the house while stitching some of the other motifs.

Per my plans for the month, I wanted to work on the Peace on Earth Sampler by Cottage Garden Samplings two days this month. As I was working on the white flowers, I just wasn’t happy with the light green color. When I first started this, I substituted a lot of the threads because I didn’t have what was called for. Now that my floss collection has grown, I have more to choose from.

I took the actual called for color and tried that and am much happier with it, so all the light green was taken out and I managed to get a portion of that row stitched again. I’ve been working on this since July 2019 and never saw anyone else stitching it. All of sudden, two very popular FlossTubers have stitched it and it looks like the chart is sold out in a lot of places online.

I did manage to get most of the left side of Prairie Schooler December stitched. There is a lot of stitching with Prairie Schooler designs, but it’s easy stitching!

My last piece for the week is Winter Saltbox by Melisa at Pinker N Punkin Quilting. I’m in the middle of stitching the snowman and hope to finish it today. I have a few more snowflakes and a couple of stars to stitch. I should have a fully finished pin pillow to go in by bowl for next week.

I’ll have to decide if I want to start something new on my list when I finish Winter Saltbox or concentrate on finishing PS December. You’ll see what I chose next week. Until then, I hope you all are staying warm and getting in some good crafting time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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6 Responses to WIP Wednesday, January12, 2022

  1. debby815 says:

    I have not started Winter Rose Manor yet but saw Lori Holt on youtube had stitched it. She picked up a wall decor item from Hobby Lobby and used it for the frame. Check her channel to see the frame. I immediately went to HL and picked up 2 of the frames, one for me and one for my best friend. We’ll stitch the piece together and it’s nice to already have the frame for the piece. I enjoy seeing what you are stitching on.


    • Brenda says:

      Thanks for the info. I saw her frame in Hobby Lobby, and even though it’s pretty, it just looked so big. I don’t have a lot of wall space, so I thought I would finish mine, then decide on a frame. Enjoy your stitching of Winter Rose Manor!


  2. Little Quiltsong says:

    Prairie Schooler has so many fun scenes. Love how dedicated you are with your cross-stitches. I too have started to stitch a few strands each morning, if possible, before I go about the rest of my day. So happy you found your error with Winter Rose Manor before going any further. Stay warm :)!


  3. Lydia says:

    Winter Rose Manor is on my list of winter stitching. I’ve started Gathering Snowflakes and I’ve got Melissa’s salt box house in the wings. Hoping to make some serious progress this weekend.


    • Brenda says:

      I’m making slow progress on Winter Rose Manor even though I work on it every day. My counting is not great and I’m trying to be extra careful with it and it takes way to long to get started on a new motif. I think I’m going to start Gathering Snowflakes in February for a Cross Stitch Camp, the theme is stitching in one color.


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