A Cross Stitch Finish and Several Small Tops Complete

Hello Everyone! I’ve spent time this week working on a cross stitch finish which included machine and hand sewing and I finished a few small mini quilt tops that I’ll use as pillows.

I finished The Philanthropic Pumpkin by Hands on Design using the finishing kit by Lady Dot Creates. It took me two days to sew and add all the extras.

The bottom fabric was included in the kit and you sewed your circle on the machine, then the rick rack was sewn on by hand. I had to redo the stem a couple of times, but finally have something that’s livable. Pumpkins 4 Sale by Little House Needleworks is in the background. You can see more information about that piece here.

I originally had the pumpkin sitting in front of Pumpkins 4 Sale, but after moving things around a few times, I decided I liked it better where it is above. I’ve had some questions about the table. It is actually a cradle that has been passed down in my husband’s family. I believe his great-grandfather made it for his grandfather in the very early 1900’s. The quilt on the bottom is also from my husband’s family, made in 1906. The pink quilt was made for me by my grandmother in 1976 and the quilt on top was completed by me in 2015.

Remember these little blocks left over from the Pumpkin Run Table Runner? I finally did something with them after playing with all the layout options I had.

I had 6 of the pinwheel blocks and decided to use 5 of them to make a small pillow top. The unfinished top is 12 1/2 inches. I briefly thought about turning it on point and adding setting triangles, but then it would become a mini quilt and not a pillow.

I used the sixth block and the rest of the HSTs to make a mug rug. By the way, the orange and brown fabric is from All Hallows Eve and Pumpkins and Blossoms by Fig Tree for Moda. The background fabric is from Timeless Treasures.

I also finished the Pirouette Wreath, which will be another pillow. The pattern is in “A Scrapbook of Quilts” by Joanna Figueroa and Carrie Nelson. All the HSTs used were cut from trimming the units in my County Fair quilt. The fabrics are also Fig Tree’s Christmas Figs.

I will be quilting these tops this week and maybe even get the pillow covers made.

Speaking of this week, we were going to go camping, but decided to cancel based on the weather forecast for the week. The only nice day is supposed to be on Wednesday with rain showers and windy and cold forecast for the other days. Since we don’t have any hard schedules, it’s a little easier for us to decide not to go. Hopefully, we’ll have a few nice days the next week and we can get out somewhere. The leaves are finally starting to change, so maybe we’ll take a day trip on Wednesday and do some leaf looking.

I hope you all have a great week and the weather is nice where you are. Thanks for stopping by.

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8 Responses to A Cross Stitch Finish and Several Small Tops Complete

  1. azwoolgirl says:

    What a wonderful way to display quilts and such beautiful family heirlooms! I love your pumpkin cross stitch piece, and it’s a perfect compliment to your Philanthropic Pumpkin and runner. Beautiful quilt blocks too!


  2. Little Quiltsong says:

    I just love your Fall decor and how you display these heirloom quilts and cradle! Lovely pillow and mugrug tops. Stay safe and enjoy the sunny day when it appears. We got our Summer Ferns tucked away in time before the frost came. It has really turned chilly here, but we enjoy the sun when it does peeks out.


    • Brenda says:

      Thanks, Sigi! We are planning a day trip, but it’s been so windy here. It’s a good thing the leaves are still so green or they would all be off the trees.


  3. Lydia says:

    These finishes looks great. Bummer about the camping trip though.


  4. Elizabeth Porter says:

    Your Fall decor is lovely. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful bag that you made that I ordered from you. The bag is made so we’ll. Made my day when it came in the mail.


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