A Busy but Fun Time!

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. Our daughter came to visit and we have just had the best time this past week. She kept us very busy and today I’m going to relax and maybe sew a little this afternoon. Most of the pictures I have today were taken by my daughter. She does a great job and is a professional photographer in her spare time.

It rained the first day she was here, but we still went out for brunch and to the largest “antique” emporium I have ever been to. We spent almost two hours in the Strasburg Emporium and came home with a few little treasures. It was a great way to spend a rainy day.

After a lot of rain overnight, we woke up to partly cloudy skies and decided to hit a couple of the local farmer’s markets.

At the second farmer’s market, we were able to pick our own apples. We’ve been snacking on them for a few days and tonight, I’ll fix some fried apples, one my husband’s favorites.

On Friday, we left early for Shenandoah NP. It was a gorgeous day!

We stopped at a lot of the pull offs to take pictures.

We drove to the Skyland Resort which is at mile post 41. From there, we hiked the Stoney Man Trail and made our way out to some incredible views.

We had lunch at the Skyland Dining Room, then left the park near Sperryville. We took a ride down to Old Rag Mountain so my daughter could take a look at it. After talking to the ranger, we may attempt to do the first part of it one day. That would be about 5 miles round trip, but would avoid the rock scramble all the way to the summit. The ranger told us once you did that, they wanted you to continue on the entire 9.8 mile loop instead of coming back down the rocks.

We capped the afternoon off at a local distillery in Sperryville.

The last day of her stay, we had lunch out, then went to a favorite winery overlooking the Massanutten Mountain and the Blue Ridge. It was another beautiful day, but I didn’t get any of the pictures my daughter took and I didn’t take any.

We had a great visit and look forward to seeing her again at Christmas. I have several appointments this week, then my family reunion is next weekend. I’m hoping to sew some and finish my Pumpkin Run table runner, though.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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1 Response to A Busy but Fun Time!

  1. Lydia says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time-glad the weather worked out for all the outdoor activities.


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