A Quilty Update

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! It’s been a busy and productive week here. I finally got back to the store to get my herbs and Caladiums so they are waiting to be planted. We cleaned all the pollen off the deck and vacuumed the cushions so now I can put the new plants in the back. There is still a little pollen floating around because I could see it after we cleaned, but it should be almost over now. I also was able to get in some quality quilting time this week.

I finished my next set of County Fair blocks. Only five more to go plus the cornerstones and sashing are made. The fabric is Christmas Figs by Fig Tree.

I also finished the blocks for the Mini Chandelier Table Runner by Lella Boutique. I hope I don’t agonize over the layout too much. There is a some repeat of fabrics and I really don’t like the same fabrics to be next to each other. Do you care if you have the same fabric next to itself or do you try to spread them apart?

If you didn’t see Wednesday’s WIP post, I started a new cross stitch project using the Stitchy Stars pattern by Lori Holt.

I plan on making a mini quilt using the star blocks in the chart and Sherri and Chelsi fabrics from Moda. I’ve pulled the fabrics for the first four blocks and will be working on the first one today. I believe I said that all the star block patterns were in Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas book, but I was wrong. There is a very similar block in Vintage Christmas, but the designed block is in Farm Girl Vintage 2. I don’t have that book, but the difference in the blocks are the quarter square units which I can make without a pattern. After going through these blocks to get the background fabric information, I’m finding I’m changing the cutting instructions anyway. I like to cut pieces a little larger then trim down, so I’m adding a bit to some of the measurements. I also like to make flying geese 4 at a time for the same fabric combination, so those measurements got changed. If you would like good directions for making oversize 4 at at time flying geese, check out Julie’s, The Crafty Quilter, post. She shows two methods for making oversized flying geese in the post and gives cutting instructions for different sizes.

That’s it for today. We are going to have a warm couple of days before it cools down a little later in the week. I guess summer is finally here. I hope you have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by!

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2 Responses to A Quilty Update

  1. Lydia says:

    Can’t wait to see these put together. I usually like the fabrics scattered about, but I usually end up under/over estimating.


  2. Helen says:

    I usually like them scattered about but I think it depends on how scrappy the quilt is. The scrappier it is the less mixing things up matters.


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