Bringing the Rpod to It’s New Home

Hello Everyone! Today I’m sharing our adventures of bringing our Rpod-179 camper to it’s new home. You will see mostly lake pictures because all three camp grounds we stayed at were on lakes.

First though, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from home in the northwest corner of Virginia.

A few days before we left on our trip to Georgia, we drove through the apple growing area. The apple trees were just starting to bloom!

The last two photos were sent to us by my brother-in-law while we were gone. The blossoms are beautiful and I hope we have time to get out this week before they are gone. The Apple Blossom Festival is going on in a modified way in Winchester this week, so I think we are going to a few of the activities.

Also blooming profusely along the sides of the roads are the redbuds and dogwoods. The blooming trees on the drive south on I-81 through the valleys of Virginia were spectacular, all the way to Tennessee.

Even in the woods behind the house, the trees are blooming. It’s been nice to see what each new season brings.

We have always camped in the Georgia State Parks, but because we were going to be in Georgia over a weekend, we could not find a site in the park close to our son’s apartment. Instead, we camped at Bartow County’s Clark Creek South right on Lake Allatoona. It was a very nice campground and there were several groups that pulled their boats right up to their campgrounds. My daughter spent Friday and Saturday with us and slept in the tent. It was almost in-town camping and very convenient to my son’s place and the shopping I wanted to do. My friend was also able to stop by and see us, so we spent some time catching up.

Each morning, we walked to the end of the campground and enjoyed our first cup of coffee overlooking the lake.

We left on Monday for Panther Creek State Park near Morristown, TN. Just a note about our drive; we bought a new truck late last year because we knew we would be towing in more mountainous areas. The manual said to drive under 50 MPH for the first 500 miles of towing. We managed to do that for the first 400 miles anyway, and we stayed off the interstates until the last 14 miles of the drive to get to the third campground. I must say, I did an excellent job of navigating us through Knoxville, too. I was working from the GPS, my phone and a paper map to find our way through because the road we had planned to go on was closed. We went through all the small and large towns between Acworth, GA and Radford, VA, but it was a very pleasant and pretty ride. It took longer, but we did not have to deal with all the trucks on the interstate while driving that slow.

The campground at Panther Creek was a single loop, but it had two bath houses. This is the view from our camp site as the sun was setting. The dogwoods were also in full bloom throughout the campground. It was a very pretty setting. This park has lots to offer with lots of hiking, biking and horse trails. It has an outdoor pool and tennis courts and several pavilions. It too was on a lake, but not close to the campground.

This is the view of Cherokee Lake from the overlook. We drove up to it the first day we were there, but the next day, we hiked up and had lunch near the top of the hill.

We hiked the Point Overlook Trail which we got to by way of several other trails that led from one of the pavilions. It was a little over 4 miles of hiking which took us to a lake view at the top and through some meadows on our way up and down. It was warm that day, but after that, we got caught up with the cold snap that hit the east coast.

We stayed for two nights at Panther Creek and were going to stay two nights at Claytor Lake State Park near Dublin, VA. Because of the cold, we only stayed one night. We didn’t take out any of our outside gear and ate inside our camper which we rarely do. Since we had decided to only stay one night at Claytor Lake, I changed my meal plans and grilled our chicken for the last camping night while we were at Panther Creek. I heated it a little in the microwave and tossed it with a salad and called dinner complete that night.

We did take a quick walk to the lake after we set up for the night, but it was cold and windy. It was supposed to get in the high 20’s early the next morning, which I don’t think it did, but I’m sure the wind chill was in the low 20’s. We let it warm up just slightly before heading off for home that morning. We did drive home on the interstate, but fortunately, traffic wasn’t too heavy. We will definitely come back here. It’s close to Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) and fishing, plus there’s lots to do in the area. I learned how to water ski on this lake when I was a kid, so it holds some fond memories.

Now that we have the Rpod home, I’ll be planning several trips for the next few months and will have to start planning for the fall, too.

I hope you enjoy my travel updates. I find blogging is a great way for me to document our trips. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Lydia says:

    At least your ride home was scenic! I know you will enjoy planning your fall camping trips.


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