A Quilty and Bryon City Update

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. We’ve been pretty busy this week. We were able to get our first Covid shot this week and no reactions except for a very sore arm. We are already scheduled for the second one in May. Since we are traveling later this month to pick up our camper in Georgia, we should be somewhat protected. We’ll be spending a week on the road bringing it home in different state parks. I am really looking forward to camping again since we didn’t go at all last year. The parks in Georgia were always busy, even during the week and I didn’t want to mix it up in the bath houses with a lot of people then. We also spent a few days looking for chairs for our front porch. Everything is just in short supply. I ended up ordering a pair but won’t have them until the end of May. Also, at the end, I have a few pictures from our trip to Bryson City, NC.

I did manage to get a little sewing in this week. I finished the top for the Moda Rainbow quilt.

I love this quilt. It’s simple but has all my favorite designer fabrics in it. I don’t have enough of any fabric for a backing and when we are in Georgia, I plan on visiting one of the local shops that carries lots of Moda fabrics.

I started working on the County Fair blocks for the month.

As I was laying out the blocks to sew the units together, I noticed a problem with this one. The two units on the bottom left and the one on the bottom right are wrong. The only one that is correct is the second one from the right. So what to do?

This is my box of leftovers from cutting out the pieces. I started with a half yard bundle of Christmas Figs by Fig Tree. I do have some yardage left over, but not in every fabric. Fortunately, I did have some of both the red and green fabrics to work with.

The larger triangle is supposed to go in the middle, but I had three of the small triangles that fit in the middle. You can see the difference on the left side units. I had to decide whether to make three new units or one. I asked myself, who is going to notice that one block is not quite the same as all the rest? I decided no one!

I made the new green unit the same as the other three and sewed the block together. When the three inch lattice sashing is in between each block, you will not see the difference. I have three more to finish, then all five will be done for the month.

Now for a few pictures from Byson City.

We drove down mostly in the rain, but it was warm, at least warm enough to sit on the porch when we got there and view the pretty valley we were in. There was a lot more “spring green” there than at home.

The trip was mainly a fishing trip for my husband and son. We got there a day earlier than my son so I had a day of adventure before the fishing began. I had looked up a few waterfalls in the area before we left, so we spent the first, very cold day driving around visiting them.

The first one is Soco Falls between Cherokee and Maggie Valley. It’s a double waterfall just off Hwy 19 and a short walk to the overlook. They were spectacular because of all the rain. You could go down to the bottom, but there were ropes to hold on to, so we thought that probably wasn’t for us on a steep, slippery slope.

The next stop was Mingo Falls, just outside of Cherokee. I thought the first ones were spectacular, but Mingo Falls was breath taking. You can’t see the falls from the trail, so you have to walk onto the viewing platform before you can see them. Absolutely stunning! I don’t think I have ever seen falls with that much water over them. To get to the falls, you do have to walk up 160 steps, but that seemed like nothing after doing 600 steps a few times in Georgia. Both falls are worth the visit if you are going to Smokey Mountain NP from the North Carolina side. The entrance to the park is just a few miles from Cherokee.

From Cherokee, we drove back to Bryson City and just outside of town to the “Road to Nowhere”. If you are interested in the history, read about it here. It is part of SMNP and we ate our picnic lunch here (in the car, because it was still cold). We did walk through the tunnel which was probably about 1/4 mile long. It was very dark and spooky in the middle. We didn’t use our phone lights so we could “experience it”.

This is the road on the other side. We didn’t walk up very far to see how far it went, but there are trails that lead down to Fontana Lake from here. And you can go about a mile and a half around the tunnel to get back to the parking lot. We walked back through the dark and spooky tunnel.

As I said in my last post, I spent the next few days by myself in the rental cabin and did some stitching. By Saturday, it had warmed up and I was able to sit outside all afternoon and stitch. It was very pleasant.

This is the windy road that went right by the cabin.

In the few days we were there, the flowers really came out on the trees and filled the hills around us with beautiful color. Unfortunately, the cold weather got to most of them and when we left, you could see that the flowers were turning brown. We had a very nice trip and it was nice to spend time with our son.

I may try to work on some cross stitch finishes today and finish the rest of the County Fair blocks this week. I’ll also spend some time working on the Scrappy Rainbow quilt.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to A Quilty and Bryon City Update

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Beautiful scenery and waterfall views. I love ‘taking a walk’ with you on your adventures. So lovely to see!


  2. Lydia says:

    Oh wow! What a great place to get to do some stitching. Love the waterfalls.


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