Baby Quilt Finish and Saturday in the Park

Hello Everyone! Do you live in the Mid Atlantic or Northeast? Then you are probably expecting some snow in the next few days. Over the next two days, we can get anywhere from 5 – 12 inches. The predictions for us have been all over the place. I finished the baby quilt and plan to spend the snowy days doing things in my sewing studio I’ve put off since we moved here, like hang my mini quilts on the wall. Do you remember the song by Chicago, “Saturday in the Park”? It is one of my favorites by the band. We had a beautiful ride in Shenandoah NP on Saturday and I’ll share those pictures at the end.

The Baby Quilt for my niece, all quilted and bound. I am really pleased with it. Since I did make the sashing much smaller than originally planned, I had enough of the background fabric to make the same size borders. The background has a small gray dot and is from Bunny Hill Designs Sugar Plum Christmas collection. I’ve had this fabric for several years and I wonder if I can get any more. It’s been perfect for so many backgrounds. You can see it better in the picture below. By the way, did you notice the large bulletin board the quilt is mostly on? That’s one thing that’s been ready to go on the wall for a while and it will be the first thing up later today.

It was so much fun to get back to quilting, too. Besides doing a little straight line quilting on the placemats I made for Christmas, this is the first quilting I’ve done since July. My new table was great, too. I’ll write a whole review on that soon.

As for the quilting, I wanted to keep it light so the quilt would be nice and soft, so I thought big loops in the background was the way to go. I used Quilter’s Dream Poly and loved the feel of it in this quilt. I also used my favorite Aurifil 50 wt thread color #2800. It just about matches any background.

I ended up getting the cute flannel animal print at Hobby Lobby. I checked the local quilt shop first, but they didn’t have any baby prints in their flannel collection. I bought extra so I could make a couple of small gifts to go with the quilt.

On the left is a burping cloth and on the right is a travel changing pad. And yes, I went back and finished the quilting, pictures always pick up things that our eyes fail to see.

I tied them up with a pretty ribbon and shipped them yesterday on our way to the park. Just a note for anyone who ships fabric items, I always put them in a large Ziplock storage bag to keep them safe from the elements.

We had a beautiful drive in the park, traffic was light and it was a clear day, although the clouds were building to the south. We only got out at a few overlooks because it was cold! It was 38 degrees in the valley, but had dropped to 27 at the highest points on the drive.

I love winter time drives! You can just see so far. We’re looking over the Massanutten ridge and into the Alleghenies in West Virginia on those far ranges.

This passage was beautiful when the leaves were changing, but leafless trees have a beauty of their own, too.

We rounded a bend to this site. We saw a few frozen ice flows earlier, but nothing like this.

Just so pretty!

We exited the park near Luray and continued the drive to New Market. We are going through the gap on Massanutten Mountain towards New Market here. We turned back north on US 11 towards home in New Market. I don’t know if I unconsciously saw a sign or what, but I asked my husband where the covered bridge was.

He took the next left in less than half a mile and we were there!

Meems Bottom Covered Bridge in Mt. Jackson is the longest covered bridge in Virginia and is the only one open to traffic.

Just on the other side of the bridge and down the road a little bit, we saw this site. Can you guess what it is? I saw it as we were coming down the mountain into New Market and thought maybe a new winery was being built and those were grape fences I saw.

Nope, not that. It’s a solar farm. It’s very close to I-81 and it was not there when we made our three trips to Georgia at the end of September and beginning of October. I also think we would have seen it when we did our drive through the area in November. We came out on one of the roads that we were on then near Mt. Jackson and it certainly stands out from far away. We have a small solar farm near us, but this one is huge!

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend, enjoy the snow if you get any. Stay safe and well and thanks for stopping by!

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3 Responses to Baby Quilt Finish and Saturday in the Park

  1. says:

    Cute baby quilt. I enjoy your road trips!


  2. Little Quiltsong says:

    I’ve never seen those type of solar panels before. Love all the pictures you share of your drives. Your baby quilt and extra cuties are such a lovely gift for the new baby. Love the quilting you did on your quilt – so many custom designs for each block and in between the rows. Beautiful!


  3. Lydia says:

    The baby quilt and the other gifts are adorable! You guys have some lovely views near you.


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