New Plans

Hello Everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend, spending at least a little time doing things you love. We were out most of Saturday afternoon and I have a few pictures at the end.

I spent the end of last week updating my WIPs (Works in Progress) list from 2020, writing down the progress for the year. I then made a new list for 2021 and what the progress is on each of them. Just for clarification, I consider a WIP something I’ve worked on in the past 6 months or so. Since I haven’t worked on any quilty things in the past 6 months, I considered my WIPs to be anything I worked on in 2020. The UFO (unfinished objects) will date further back. I wrote down 8 WIPs and 5 UFOs. I also wrote down a plan for each of them for the year.

Swoon Blocks

Works In Progress

Click link to see them.

Unfinished Objects

There are a few other UFOs, but they are so old that I’ve never had a post about them. When we moved, I did give a few of my started projects to the quilt guild. They will probably put them in the yearly auction and hopefully someone will want to finish them or at least use the fabric. I also have a box of blue, tan and cream fabric that I intended to use to make a HST quilt. I think I’m going to incorporate that fabric back into my stash.

County Fair Blocks

I met my first goal of the year with County Fair. If you saw my post last week, you saw my first County Fair block (Fig Tree pattern). I’ve now made four more. I would really like to have this quilt finished by next December. My goal is to make 5 blocks a month through June, then make the quilt top and finish it. I’m going to try to make the blocks the first week of every month. I’m using Christmas Figs fabric by Fig Tree. As you can see, this has moved from the UFO list to the WIPs list.

I will be saving the cut pieces from the largest units to make HSTs. I saved the pieces from my patriotic sewing in June and July and made a few small projects with them. If I sew them together as I go, they will get used. These might be good to use in my Christmas Table Runner.

As I was sewing the units on County Fair, I used 2 1/2″ orange squares as leaders and enders for the Charity Rainbow quilt. I’ll continue to sew these together until I have 2 rows of 30.

I got a small start on a cross stitch finish this weekend. I bought this plaque at Target in the dollar spot and it was a beige color and very slick. I decided to paint it and put a cross stitch piece on it. I will just have a little bit of the top and bottom showing so no reason to paint the entire thing. I hope it works out. I may try to lace the cross stitch this afternoon.

My husband and I joined my brother and sister-in-law at a winery on Saturday. It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours. You could only go in if you had a reservation and the tables were nicely spaced. I forgot to get any pictures of the winery, but I did take a few on the way home.

We took the long way home, across the ridge and then the backroads. It was a beautiful, but windy and cold day.

I hope you have a great week ahead. Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to New Plans

  1. Lydia says:

    Love the views of your ride home. I finished a quilt top and dropped it off at the LQS for quilting. A few small projects in the works right now so we’ll see where I’m at in a few months!


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