Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year Everyone! The year 2020 brought so many changes into all of our lives, some bad and some good. For us, the pandemic brought an opportunity that we didn’t think would come about for a few more years. My husband was able to retire a few years early and we bought a new home in Virginia. My daughter lost her oyster job because of Hurricane Sally, but then found a better job. I hope you can look back on the year and find some positive things in your life, too.

We had a very nice Christmas with my son and daughter in our new home and as usual with my daughter, we stayed busy almost every day, exploring new things. She left earlier this week and my son is leaving on Sunday. I’ve been making masks this week because they both wanted new ones, but next week I hope to get back to some real sewing.

I have been busy with stitching and have finished a few things.

I finished my version of Anniversaries of the Heart sampler by Blackbird Designs on December 29. I started it on January 1, 2020, so I met my goal of finishing it in a year.

This is the completed bonus block that was in the Elizabeth Jane chart. I changed the wording on the verse to reflect our move. “To those I hold dear recorded here from my home in Georgia then Virginia 2020” I ended up running out of a few colors near the end and had to replace with a similar color, but you can’t tell unless you examine it very closely. I plan to have it framed soon and when it’s completely finished, I’m going to write a post about the entire piece and who each block is stitched for.

I also finished Cranberry Christmas by Hands on Design. All I needed to do was add the berry section above the letters “ERR”. I wasn’t really happy with the way the stitching looked on this fabric, so I didn’t want to stitch the white in the cake plate. The gray fabric looks better in the picture than in real life. It’s darker and more blue. I will finish this as a little pillow for next Christmas.

Berries in Bloom by Hands On Design

Cathy of Hands On Design designed this free chart, Berries in Bloom, that she posted in her December news letter. I thought it would be fun to stitch and worked on only it for a few days before Christmas and finished it.

Berries in Bloom by Hands On Design

When I saw Berries, I counted the number of stitches in the cake plate from Cranberry Christmas and found it would fit perfectly. I used the same Sulky thread that I used in Cranberry Christmas and love how it turned out. I didn’t add the little crosses in the berries because I thought they looked too bright, but after seeing it on Cathy’s latest video, I may add a few to see if I like them. I stitched Berries in Bloom on a leftover piece of 36 ct Soft Porcelain by Luminous Fiber Arts. I love the cake plate and the white is DMC B5200.

Speaking of using the Soft Porcelain…

Sewn In Friendship by Heartstring Samplery

I made Sewn In Friendship for my friend Lydia in Georgia and she finally received it. We have been quilting together for over 10 years and this past spring and summer, we stitched together via Zoom. My life has been so busy this fall that we only chatted once since we moved, but I’m hoping to get back into a regular routine again soon. It’s so nice to have someone to stitch with even if you are not in the same room or in our case now, state. Maybe that’s another positive thing to come out of 2020, we have found new ways to communicate across the miles.

I made a set of placemats for my sister-in-law, too. She had asked me to make her some extra large placemats when we visited them in Winchester last January. (That’s when we saw the community where we live for the first time, so thanks to my BIL and SIL!)

The placemats are about 17″ W x 15″ H. She wanted to be able to fit a glass on the placemat with the plate and silverware. The fabric, Moda Grunge Seeing Stars by BasicGrey, is the same on the front and the back. I used Pellon Flex Foam inside and quilted simple vertical lines. I can see a few new placemats in my future now.

I haven’t had much time to sit down and really think about the things I want to quilt and stitch in 2021. I am a planner and like to write down a few goals at the beginning of the year. Most of my quilting plans went out the window last year, so I’ll look back on my 2020 plans and start from there. I have a few stitching plans in my mind however.

I am going to start Dimensions Scenic Farm by Mildred Sands Krate today. It came fully kitted with 18 ct Aida, but I replaced that with 36 ct Antique White line. The Aida was just too stiff to work with. I will be stitching this with 2 threads over 2. As in most Dimension kits, there is a lot of blended threads. This is almost a full coverage piece, but the sky is all half stitches so I don’t think it will be too much. My plan is to stitch on it today, then it will become my morning stitch.

I have already started working on Snow Day by Prairie Schooler again and will concentrate on some of my WIPS until I start Winter Rose Manor by With They Needle and Thread. I have ordered some fabric and hope to start it on January 15th. Search Winter Rose Manor on social media and you find lots of people stitching it and a few SALs.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my creative and travel journey. I enjoy sharing these things with you and appreciate that you take the time to read and comment on my posts. I hope you have a very Happy New Year’s Day and that you will be blessed throughout 2021.

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3 Responses to Happy New Year 2021

  1. debby says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I never leave comments but I read your emails first and enjoy each of them. Congratulations on your recent move and your husbands retirement. I also quilt and stitch and love to see what you’re making. Happy New Year!


  2. Lydia says:

    There have definitely been some positives for 2020, and I’m hoping 2021 will include more travel and a bigger bubble! I love-love my cushion! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for crafting in 2021! Happy New Year.


  3. Helen says:

    Happy New Year, you do such lovely work and I look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2021


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