A Sewing Studio Update

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a safe Halloween! One thing about being in a 55+ community, I didn’t even have to think about whether to buy candy or not. I’ve been busy this past week opening my quilting boxes and making a huge mess! I’ll explain in a bit.

First up though, I would like to share this quilting tip from Julie, The Crafty Quilter.

The Crafty Quilter

Julie explained two ways to square up a quilt block when you don’t have the exact size ruler for your block. I really liked the freezer paper method and wanted to share it with you. Go check it out.

Before I started unpacking boxes, I had to get my furniture where I wanted it. I had my cutting table in several places before settling on this spot. Then I had to decide what to do with all the cabinets and shelves. I’ve lost some storage space by not having the ping pong table. It was a great place to store things underneath it. I’m going to repaint the yellowish cabinet and shelves and the bookcase next to it, so I don’t want to put a lot of things on them yet. The weather got cold this weekend, so I’ll wait until midweek to get that project started.

I had two desks, but only brought this one. This is my sewing desk where I keep my small Pfaff. Until I get a sewing cabinet, I’ll be using both of my machines on this desk. The quilt on the floor represents where I intend to put the sewing cabinet. I think I have decided on the one I want and need to get it ordered.

These are all the boxes of stuff! I’ve opened all of them now and gotten out all the small quilts and pillows. I used those to fill up the boxes as I was packing. Because I’ll be painting the cabinets, I’ll have to leave a lot of things in the boxes for now.

These are most of the mini quilts and small wall hangings in piles by theme. The pillows are in the back left corner. I knew I had a lot, but didn’t realize how many until they were all laid out. I’ll have to get creative with them. This house doesn’t have the wall space that the old one did. I do have plans for my room though. It may take a few weeks to get these up or stored. I purposely didn’t show the surfaces of my furniture, because like I said in the beginning, it’s a real mess.

I also folded and sorted my larger quilts. I will be storing these in a nice walk in closet where my fabric bins are stored. I do have some of my fall quilts displayed on the main level so they are not shown here. Yesterday, I also sorted through my cross stitch fabric and stored that.

I will be happy when this is all done and I can get back to some real sewing.

Before I go, I want to share the view from my basement door as I was doing my yoga one morning. I love being able to look at the changing leaves!

This was the best picture I could get, but I hope you’ve been able to view the full moon the past few nights. I took this on Friday night as the moon was rising through some clouds and the trees. It really did look like a spooky Halloween moon. Last night was clear, so it was pretty, but not as spooky.

I hope you all have a great week. It’s hard to believe it’s already November! Thanks for stopping by.

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1 Response to A Sewing Studio Update

  1. lydia says:

    What an awesome space! Look forward to seeing it all put together.


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