WIP Wednesday, August 25, 2020

Hello Everyone and welcome to my cross stitch Works In Progress Wednesday. Well, it’s been an extremely busy week, but I did manage to get some stitching (and unstitching) in this week. Our house went on the market this past Friday and we had 6 showings between Saturday-Monday. That meant cleaning while trying to pack. I think we have one of the hardest rooms done now, our storage area. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over a lifetime. I think we have set aside more to sell or thrown out than we’ve packed up so far, which is a good thing since the moving company charges by the pound! Anyway, I have taken the time to stitch so that’s a good thing.

Remember last week I said I was going to leave in the two different colors of the same DCM floss in Home Grown?

Well, I didn’t! I took it all out. Every time I looked at it, the slight difference seemed to glare at me.

Then I outlined the rest of the petals.

And I almost have them filled in. This has been really easy to work on when I’m tired and while watching TV. I don’t have to look back and forth at a chart and think at all, just stitch.

That wasn’t the only restitching I did this week.

Do you see the flower above the E and the vine and stem above the F in Land That I Love by Teresa Kogut? I had all that stitched. When I started the F, I thought to check my placement with the vine and I was one stitch off. It took a little while to figure out where the mistake was. It was in the left side of the vine above the first flower. I matched the C with the flower which is correct, not the vine. After I stitched a few letters, I stitched the next flower thinking everything was okay, but it wasn’t. Everything had to come out.

After ripping a big chunk out, I stitched a few more letters and added the vine again, double checking as I went. I’m glad I didn’t stitch the vine all the way to the end, I wouldn’t have noticed until I started doing the alphabet. I will say I am enjoying stitching on the 40 ct fabric with one strand of floss.

Over the weekend, I stitched on the Peace on Earth Sampler again by Cottage Gardens Samplers. I’m stitching it on 36 ct fabric with one strand, but I think I would prefer a little more coverage, but I’m not changing now. I added the rest of the pink flowers in the border, stitched the deer and started the flower. I am trying to check the placement of all these motifs multiple times so I don’t get them in the wrong place.

After the sampler stitching, I decided I wanted to finish up the next piece of the Summer Well Rounded by Hands On Design. It is a little easier to stitch, working with very few color changes. I hope to finish this today, then put it away until I decide how I want to finish all three of them.

I received some happy mail late on Monday, Brenda Gervais’s Coming to America, The Women of the Mayflower. This was a pre-order in June.

I ordered mine from Sassy Jacks. The fabric is 37 ct Corn Tassel. They didn’t have all the over dyed floss yet, but I should be getting the rest soon. I’ll have to also get the DMC that’s called for. There were more things in the box, but I know everyone hasn’t gotten theirs yet, so I’ll let the rest be a surprise. I think the stitch a long starts on September 2.

This week I plan to finish the Summer Well Rounded and the Sunflower on Home Grown. I also hope to put in some more time on Land That I Love. I have kitted up a couple of fall pieces, but I want to get a few of these small ones finished first.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with a fully finished piece. Thanks for stopping by.

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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday, August 25, 2020

  1. Such pretty hand work


  2. Lydia says:

    Great progress- my Coming to America should be here tomorrow! Can’t wait to get started on it. I need to order/get my threads for the Land that I love as well.


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