Finally, A Travel Update!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying some good weather. We were finally able to do a little traveling this past week, not to where we were supposed to go, but it was a fun little getaway for me and my husband.

Blackberry Lodge, Blue Ridge GA

We had a little escape to Blue Ridge, GA. We (including my son) were supposed to go to Pensacola Beach, FL (plans that were made in February) and when the governor opened the beaches, we thought everything was set. I called the rental company to make sure they were renting and and yes they were and we were going to be the first guests in the condo. I bought all the food because our plan was to take everything with us so we didn’t have to go into any stores. I received a call last Saturday morning telling us the governor had extended the ban on short term rentals for 60 days. Needless to say, we were all bummed. We were going to be able to spend time with our daughter on the beach while we were there, so it was a double whammy. But, Georgia had just removed the ban on its short term rentals the week before, so we went ahead and rented a cabin in Blue Ridge.

I get the Florida governor’s decision. You don’t want people coming from more infected areas to your area. I hope that doesn’t happen to places here. The county we were in had less than 40 total cases. I hope the number of cases doesn’t increase there, we saw a lot of Florida cars and a few from northern states. People just want to get out and it was a very pleasant trip for us and we came into contact with just a few people. By the way, the first thing we did when we entered the cabin was to use a disinfectant and wipe down all the touchable surfaces, just to be safe.

It rained on our first morning, so we sat on the porch and I worked on my cross stitch and my husband read and it was a pleasant time with our coffee.

Aska Adventure Area Trail Map

Our plan was to take our lunch and go hiking on one of the Aska Adventure Area trails, but because of the rainy morning, we went after lunch and hiked the shorter trail, Long Branch Loop. You will see in the following pictures, everything was a beautiful spring green. This area has had even more rain than we have.

If you followed me for a while, you know I like waterfalls. This was the closest we got this time.

You’ll never know what you’ll find during a walk in the woods. We decided this was a retaining wall and not a foundation.

That’s a lovely fireplace.

The old house area was full of Cairns.

Next we passed through a Mountain Laurel grove. It will be beautiful through there in a few weeks.

The Mountain Laurel was just starting to bloom at the lower elevations.

We continued to hike through the lower side of this hardwood grove.

On the upper side of the hardwood grove, it opened up a little and the woods were covered with ferns. Although there were no significant views, it was a beautiful walk in the woods for an hour or so. We were glad we started right after lunch because we began meeting people on the trail near the end and the parking lot was full when we returned.

Toccoa River

We were close to the Toccoa River where my husband likes to fly fish. He wanted to check out the flow since there has been so much rain.

He thought the flow was too fast and wasn’t fishable. My son found another spot to fish in the area and he met us on Friday with my car so they could fish and I went home.

The clouds had started to clear while we were hiking and we had a pleasant view overlooking the mountains while we had our dinner. I had the food all prepared (either by me or the grocery store) for the beach, so dinners were just a matter of heating things up.

The next morning was cloudy and windy, so we did the same thing and spent the morning enjoying our coffee and reading and stitching.

Crane Creek Vineyards

It was trying to clear up in the afternoon as we took a ride to Young Harris, GA and the Crane Creek Vineyards. Their back porch was open and you could purchase bottles of wine. They had the tables and seating spread out throughout the outdoor area so no one was within about 15 feet of each other.

We enjoyed our bottle of wine during the afternoon, viewing the mountains and vines that were just starting to leaf out.

I took the Summer Daisies quilt and did a photo shoot. This is a peak at the final quilt. I’ll have more when the pattern is ready for release.

The long range view

We arrived back at the cabin to the prettiest views we had so far.

We had a nice long range view of the mountains to the east and closer to us, was the ridge line across from the cabin.

We needed this little respite and am glad places are opening up a little. We kept our distance from the few people we saw and I wore my mask and gloves when I had to stop and get gas on the way home. I’m hoping that wherever you are, that you, too, will be able to get out and about a little. Stay safe and well and thanks for stopping by.

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6 Responses to Finally, A Travel Update!

  1. says:

    Beautiful pictures! Wish we lived there. We are in Texas Hill Country.


  2. Carol mina says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was there some 40 years ago. Thanks for lighting my heart with a good memory. My parents surprise 50th wedding anniversary. They are gone now, but the family had a wonderful time.



    What a lovely setting for photographing your quilt. So glad you guys were still able to do something despite the beach being cancelled.


  4. Jacquelynne says:

    What a beautiful spot, I’m so glad you got a chance to get away for a bit, even though it wasn’t what you originally planned.


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