WIP Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hello Everyone! I hope you are still well, safe and sane! I know it’s getting a little harder to stay in. Yesterday, I picked up and order from my local quilt shop. I needed backing for the Summer Daisies quilt so I sent them a picture and what I needed. I knew they still had a little Pepper and Flax fabric left. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough for a backing, but because they had the picture, they picked out a few substitutes and called me with the skew numbers. I was able to look them up and decide which one I wanted. My husband drove over with me, I got my bag through curb side pickup and we took the long way home so my car could get driven just a little. Driving two miles to and from the grocery store in the last month probably hasn’t been very good for it. Anyway, on to the stitching.

If you missed it, I finished Farmhouse Christmas and you can see it here.

Let’s start with Prairie Schooler July because that’s my least progress. All I managed on it this week was to finish the grass. I think this one might be on hold for a couple of weeks while I concentrate on other things.

Next, I finished the words on Memorial Day by Cathy at Hands On Design. I wanted to make sure before I started the flags that I had enough room on the right side. I’m stitching this on 36 ct white linen that I repurposed from my stash and picked my own colors to match the Sulky that Cathy used.

Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs

“Happy Birthday” by Blackbird Designs has been a challenge. The picture above is where I was two nights ago. I had to redo part of the frame for the words because I was off by one. Also all the pink leaves on the lower left side had to come out because the darker green corner motif was in the wrong place. Then after I finished the frame, I decided I really didn’t like the color of the floss.

You can see how different the two colors are. Now, the chart was published in 2010 so what I’ve found when working with older charts is that the dye lots for the over dyed flosses have a tendency to change, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. So, I decided I couldn’t live with the new Cornhusk, so it all had to come out. I spent yesterday afternoon taking out the frame and the mistakes, then started restitching it last night.

I chose to go with CCW Weeping Willow for the frame. I think the color fits in nicely with the rest of the colors. Even at that, I had to restitch parts of what I did. I’m ready to finish this frame and move on to the house! I mentioned last week that I’m changing the words to “Happy Anniversay” since our anniversary is on April 27. I was hoping to be able to put the last stitches in this on our anniversary, but at this rate, I’m just hoping I finish it by the end of the month!

I know I said last week that once Farmhouse Christmas was finished, no more snow, but…I only had the border from the left side snow line around the top, the top words and snowflakes to finish. I decided I wanted to get it finished now. It’s been my morning stitch and I think I can get it finished in the next week. Then I’m going to move Anniversaries of the Heart to my morning stitch in May, because I plan on participating in Stitch Maynia!

I’m currently kitting projects for Maynia and will show you the plans and explain Maynia in that post.

I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of what my daughter has been working on.

She does amaze me with her drawing skills because neither my husband or I have them. She drew this scene directly on the fabric by looking at a picture she took from our trip to Washington about 5 years ago. She plans to Thread Paint Embroider.

It makes a Mom proud when her daughter enjoys some of the same crafts that she does. I asked her to draw a copy for me because I think it would look great as a “redwork” style embroidery with just backstitch and a few other simple stitches on it.

This morning, my husband and I are going to clean the garage so I’ll see how tired I am later in the day and what I’ll work on. I think most of my time the rest of the week will be working on my quilt. I need to get it basted so I can start quilting.

Have a good rest of your week and thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday, April 22, 2020

  1. It’s hard to stay in but it would be harder to be ill. This virus is nasty. Yay for online shopping! Ours is about to open up to “non-essential” so I am looking forward to a few parcels coming my way.



    Love all the stitching-Can’t wait to see Emily’s FO.


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