WIP Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are well and those that work are adjusting to home life if you are staying home. My days haven’t changed that much except I can’t swim. I miss that more than most things. I have some stitchy updates for you this week, although I didn’t get as much in as usual. I did have a section finish and I have more owl pictures. If you’re here for those, they are posted at the bottom.

Farmhouse Christmas, Dairy Darling by Little House Needelworks

I finished Dairy Darling in the Farmhouse Christmas piece. I think the white on the roof was some of the best white that I’ve stitched.

Almost finished! As you can see, I restitched the trees in the lower right corner block, too.

Since I finished the Farmhouse Christmas section, I went back to Jack Frost’s Tree Farm, also by Little House Needleworks, as my morning stitch.

I can see a finish soon in my future with this one!

Prairie Schooler July

I worked on July by Prairie Schooler, too. I finished the bottom band and started the water section. I love Maryland Blue Crabs. When we visit my parents in the summer, we always get a bushel and spend hours picking and eating them. So to represent a blue crab in the water and not being cooked yet, I changed the color. And just in time, I received an order that had the new colors from Classic Colorworks. One was called Chesapeake Bay and was perfect for the crab. I’ll have a post soon with all my haul from market that show the new colors.

I also worked on Blackbird Designs’ Clara Ellen from the Anniversaries of the Heart Series SAL. I spent one night stitching the eyelet border, just to get to the bottom and be one stitch off! I found the mistake way back at the top, then I noticed I was half a stitch to far to the right. It all had to come out.

I spent the next night restitching the border, so not as much progress on this as I hoped. I need to finish it by the end of the month to meet my goal of one a month, so it might get a little more love this next week.

I wanted to start stitching one of the freebies that designers are offering for the #bewellandstitch movement on Instagram. These are to help us while staying home during the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. If you haven’t seen all the pretty charts, check them out.

Speaking of the virus, I made a few masks for my daughter, her roommate and boyfriend. I left an opening in the top because I read you can insert a tissue that might provide extra protection, or maybe they can add a filter. Her roommate works in a hospital and her boyfriend is a firefighter, where they come in contact with people. My daughter’s oyster company is now selling to individuals because the restaurants are closed, so she comes in contact with a few people herself. I’ll be mailing these to her today.

Speaking of my daughter, she sent me more owl pictures. By the time she is able to get back to the park, they may be gone.

This is Mama keeping an eye on them. This was a cloudy day and you’ll be able to see a few sprinkles in the pictures.

Two of the babies have left the nest!

They are branching, opening their wings and hopping from branch to branch.

The third baby hadn’t left the nest yet.

I hope you enjoyed the owl pictures. They put a smile on my face for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

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9 Responses to WIP Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  1. Lydia Sheffield says:

    Oh my goodness-those owls would make a great calendar! I’m hoping to get some stitching done today or tomorrow. Haven’t done much crafting at all except for knitting. Need to spend some time on each of the things I enjoy.


  2. joelibratliff@gmail.com says:

    Love those owls !!!!  Thanks for sharing !  Lovely stitching !!  


  3. kezzieanne says:

    Dear Brenda

    Just wanted to say how lovely your cross stitch work is, and also thanks for the photos-how special to see such a close up of the gorgeous birds.


    Kerrie ________________________________


  4. Little Quiltsong says:

    Love your owl pictures – puts a smile on my face too! You are so far in your beautiful Jack Frost’s Tree Farm cross-stitch. Such lovely stitchery’s – enjoy your new starts, and soon to be finished ones.


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