A New Quilt In the Making and Other Things

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is well and staying sane. We’ve made it through the first week and a half, and I have to say, I’m glad my kids are grown and I don’t have to worry about school. For all those who are “homeschooling”, my thoughts and prayers are with you, especially if you are trying to work from home, also. I think that those of us who have crafty hobbies are the lucky ones because we shouldn’t get too bored. Most of us have enough projects for many lifetimes sitting around.

However, instead of picking up something already in progress, I started a new quilt this week! It’s actually a quilt that I designed two years ago and I had planned on working on it this spring anyway. I have all the fabric (Corey Yoder’s Pepper and Flax by Moda) and I plan to release it as a new pattern soon.

It’s an applique and pieced block quilt I think I will name Summer Daisies. Earlier in the week I made three test blocks to check the cutting requirements and piecing and applique techniques. As I was editing the photos, I thought of a different way to piece the snowball block. I’m glad I haven’t cut all the fabric yet. I’ll make a test block for that way, then decide which to use for the instructions. What do you all think; would you rather make half square triangles with no wasted fabric or use the flip and sew method, where there might be a little fabric waste if you don’t save your scraps, but fewer seams. Let me know in the comments below.

I tested two styles of applique blocks, this one using sew-in interfacing and turn the piece inside out, a la Lori Holt, and a fusible applique. I used Pellon sew-in interfacing which is okay, but if I do more of this style applique, I will purchase Lori’s interfacing. I did have some tears in mine when I turned it. The other option is to use a fusible like Heat N Bond Lite and fuse the applique to the background. The petals are more flat, but quilting does help to puff them up if you use this method (which would be much faster). I spent yesterday afternoon turning petals and I still have almost half left to do. I will sew the ones I have to the background fabric today and work on the others later this week.

This week, I also started working on the strawberry embroidery. These are designs from a Jacquelynne Steves The Art of Home Club collection.

I may or may not leave the design on this tea towel. If I leave it on this one, I’ll add a fabric banding to it.

I’m going to leave you this week with some happy photos my daughter, Emily Hotinger Photography sent us. A few weeks ago, she was at a park in Gulf Breeze, FL and found these baby owls in a nest close to the parking lot.

At first, she thought there was just two…

…then a third popped his head up!

As she continued her hike, she found Mama!

She also found a baby Osprey! She’s been back to see them several times and yesterday, she said two looked like they had just left the nest and were “branching”. I’ll share a few of those pictures when she sends them.

Thanks for stopping by and stay healthy and sane!

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7 Responses to A New Quilt In the Making and Other Things

  1. Carol MINA says:

    I would rather make half square triangles with no wasted fabric. Enjoyed the owls!


  2. Jane Lewis says:

    Flip and sew gets my vote!


  3. janethurlow says:

    Thank you for sharing. Ah new life that won’t have to stay home forever.


  4. Lydia says:

    While I like less waste, I also like less seams and steps. Love-love the owls-Emily does such a great job capturing nature.


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