WIP Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hello Everyone! Welcome to WIP Wednesday where I share my weekly progress and plans on cross stitch projects.

I had a partial finish with another chart finished on Farmhouse Christmas. I enjoyed stitching this one, especially the gingham roof.

I only have two charts left to go on this one. My plan is to continue to alternately work on this one with Jack Frost’s Tree Farm as my daily 30 stitch.

Jack Frost’s Tree Farm by Little House Needleworks

I only have two left on Jack’s Tree Farm, too. Hopefully I’ll have these finished in a couple of months.

The second section of Bloomtopia was released on February 14th. I went ahead and stitched it right away. Even though I worked on it over several days, it only took a few hours to complete. I wish you could really see what color the linen is. It’s a pretty minty green. No matter how I held the camera, I couldn’t get the true color.

Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs

I’m continuing to work on Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs. I’m working on Chart 4, Pink Hill Manor. It’s coming along nicely and I hope to finish by this weekend. I’m looking forward to stitching the pink house.

I picked up Baby It’s Cold Outside by Beth Twist of The Heartstring Samplery again this past weekend to stitch along with the #babyitscoldsal on Instagram. I made a little bit of progress on the roof. I’ll be continuing to work on this until I finish it. The original was stitched on a tan fabric and the background of the house was not filled in. I think I’m going to fill it in with a cream or pink color, so I won’t have blue bricks.

Sew Tweet by Misty Prusel

I kitted up Sew Tweet this weekend. I plan on using 32 ct Macchiato Lugana hand dyed by Misty Pursel. I don’t have any of the called for threads so I selected my own.

My plan is to attach the finish to this file holder that I have on my desk. I think these will be perfect for the bird and the border. The mint color of the file folder is just about the same color as the Bloomtopia fabric.

Well that it’s for now. I haven’t decided how I’ll rotate through these pieces. Once I start working on something, I want to continue, but I also want to work on them all.

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by.

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5 Responses to WIP Wednesday, February 19, 2020

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    You are being so productive on all of your lovely cross-stitches. I would like to start a few new ones, but have some old embroidery pieces that I should finish first ;)!


  2. Lydia Sheffield says:

    A great idea to decorate the file folder holder-that gives me some inspiration for my desk at work-rotate out pieces seasonally. Love the minty colors!


    • Brenda says:

      That’s a good idea. I don’t plan on attaching my little piece permanently. I’m not sure how a fall piece would look, but I think a Christmas piece is doable.


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