A Finish, WIPs and Some House Repairs

Hello Everyone! I know it’s been over a week since my last post, but it has been busy around here.

We had some major plumbing work done this week, so we spent the end of last week moving things and getting ready for it. We had the whole house replumbed because the combination of the copper pipe and water treatment that the county used in the early 90’s caused pin hole leaks in the pipes. We’ve already had 5 fixed and my husband thought it was time to get the whole house taken care of. Holes were cut out everywhere in the house, but they finished painting yesterday and you can’t tell where any of them are. They did an excellent job of matching the paint and replacing the dry wall and in some cases, wood panels.

So with no cleaning this week and a only short trip to the grocery store, I had some time to work on sewing and stitching.

Modified Apple Crisp Quilt

I finished quilting the Apple Crisp Quilt from the May 2019 Sew Sampler Box early Monday morning before the work began. I made the top at the quilting retreat in July and then started quilting it last week. I made the binding and had it finished on Wednesday. I modified the pattern to make a mini quilt. I converted the 14″ blocks to 6″ blocks and added the left and right sides to match the top and bottom. The center of the star only has 6 squares across instead of the original 7 squares. My quilt finishes at 24 1/4″ square.

The box contained the pattern and a fat eighth bundle of Lella Boutique’s Orchard fabric by Moda. My LQS had the fabric also, so I added the background, the navy cherry print and the binding fabric to complete the mini.

I quilted it with 50 wt Aurifil thread in 2000 for the background, 2800 in the blue and green patches and 2805 in the navy, red and blue points. I free motion quilted all of it, marking the straight lines. I quilted it on my domestic Pfaff QE4.0.

I’m really happy with the results and will love using this with my spring and summer décor.

I am taking a Workshop with Nancy Mahoney this coming Monday through my guild. We will be making the paper pieced Wild Wave and I will be making the table runner. I have spent way too much time trying to pick fabric for this. I started pulling fabric last week and it’s been changed so many times. When I finally had the “wave” fabric picked out, I had to decide on the background. I originally was going with the black, but once I had placed the fabric on a mock up of the block in my design notebook, I thought it might look good on white, too. I did an informal survey on Instagram, and most responses were for the black. The one comment that made me want to use the white was that you could showcase the quilting in the white. But I went with the black. Which was a good thing because, the white fabric that I would have used was needed for the minis and more this month.

Our theme for the month is to use a jelly roll in honor of National Jelly Roll day, September 21. I don’t use the jelly rolls too much in my quilting and I only had two, both petite rolls from Sew Sampler Boxes. I had this Tula Pink Pinkerville roll in my box to giveaway for the guild auction when I decided I could use it. These are beautiful fabrics and colors, but not what I usually sew with. I spent some time going through my patterns and looking on Instagram for patterns and found the Dot ‘N Dash quilt by Christa Watson. I have her book “Piecing and Quilting with Precuts” which is where the pattern is. I spent yesterday afternoon modifying the cutting directions because I only have 18 strips and the pattern calls for 40. I will be making a smaller quilt than the original version. I will also be using two pieces of Bella Solid White that came from two different Sew Sampler Boxes for the background. I hope to get the top finished in time for the parade in October.

I also made three more blocks for my Autumn Stars quilt which is my own design. I really need to get these finished up. I think these make 18 out of 30, so I still have a ways to go.

I also did some stitching while I’ve been moving from room to room. Can’t show you yet because most of it’s been for the Happy Little Things BOM.

Besides the work shop on Monday, I don’t know how much sewing I’ll get in until later next week. While I’ve had things out of the closets, I have been going through the contents and have piles to discard, giveaway and recycle. This morning will start the clean up, vacuuming and putting everything back. I see this as a several days project.

I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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6 Responses to A Finish, WIPs and Some House Repairs

  1. Hi I’m new to quilting but I do love your autumn stars quilt. You sound as though you will be mega busy – so good luck with everything. I think black is the right background as is makes the colours “pop” on the wave quilt.


  2. Lydia Sheffield says:

    Wow! you have had a lot going on. What a great time to de-clutter in the process.


  3. Anne-Marie says:

    I like your mini so much better than the original.


  4. Brenda says:

    Thank you Anne-Marie! I think they will be more versatile than the pillows.


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