The Art of Home Timber and Christmastime Collection

Hello Everyone! Today I finally get to share the Timber and Christmastime Collection for The Art of Home Club by Jacquelynne Steves.

The planning for this collection started in October 2018 when Jacquelynne asked if I would like to design a couple of The Art of Home collections for this year. It was fun working with Jacquelynne on the main quilt design until we got it just right. Jacquelynne sent me the silhouetted appliques, but I designed the Quilt Center Applique and the embroidery blocks. (Okay, it’s the same design, just on different scales). This post will be heavy on pictures, but I hope you will enjoy them. Jacquelynne sent me a few of hers to use, too. Thanks, Jacquelynne!

The Timber Quilt

I love, love, love The Timber Quilt. I have always been partial to cabin style décor and at one time, my husband and I entertained owning a cabin in retirement. This quilt would be perfect for a mountain or lakeside home or cabin, or just because you like the outdoors. It would also be perfect for those male members of your family, whom it’s always hard to find patterns and fabric for.

This is a largish quilt, 66″ x 76 1/2″. It just fits on the top of my daughter’s queen size bed. The buffalo check plaid is easy to sew, but you need to make sure that your blocks are sewn correctly or you will loose the affect. The same thing with the bear paw blocks. Easy to sew, but turning them correctly matters. The pattern has clear step by step instructions for making both blocks, but you must be a Club member to have access to them. I have also provided the materials list for the fabric and floss for the collection if you are interested. You can find it on my tutorial page here.

This quilt would make a great Christmas quilt with the appliques shown or substituting some of the other appliques provided. The pattern includes a wide variety of the silhouette appliques that can be used in the quilt, wall hanging or pillow.

I really had fun designing the center applique. It went through many iterations before this one. I originally had mountains in the background, which I liked, but thought that would be a little too much. I decided to keep the design simple and basic, using mostly one piece appliques. I think I struck the right balance, I hope you do, too.

I took the design of the Quilt Center Applique and reduced it so it could be used for embroidery. The center is large and even though you could embroider it, I think it looks better on a smaller scale.

Here, I turned the Timber quilt into a Christmas Wall Hanging. There are just so many options with this collection. Instead of making my own buffalo plaid, I bought it. There are several collections now that have it. This one is from Hearthside Holiday by Deb Strain for Moda.

The applique was fused then sewn using a buttonhole stitch on my machine. In the quilt, I used a very small stitch with matching thread so it doesn’t show. As a design element in the wall hanging, I used a contrasting thread and made the stitch just a little larger. I also added the buttons as an extra detail, but only after I finished quilting.

You could also use a black (or red) work style of embroidery and use it as the center of the wall hanging or the pillow.

I haven’t used the moose embroidery in anything yet, but I think I will make another pillow and use it in our camper.

This is the pillow with a combination of appliques. Again, the pattern is very versatile. All of the Quilt Appliques will fit in the pillow or wall hanging center block.

You can also make a small table runner instead of the pillow.

I love the pillow and it looks great with the quilt. My husband has already said that the pillow will go to the camper. I was thinking maybe the quilt would too, but then I would only get to see it about once a month.

Well, I think I used all my pictures! I hope you like it as much as I do. There are so many “cheap” cabin style quilts that you can buy, but this pattern allows you to make just the right one for you.

All the quilting was done by me on my Pfaff QE 4.0 domestic machine using Aurifil thread. For the straight line quilting, I used my ruler foot and rulers with the machine set in free motion mode. For the quilt, I used Quilter’s Dream Wool batting which gives the quilt a beautiful loft and feel. The wall hanging and pillow have Quilter’s Dream Select batting in them.

If you would like to become a member of The Art of Home Club, sign up here so you can be notified when the club is opening for new members again. There are several payment plans, but for around $10 a month, you get at least three new patterns every month, plus bonus patterns throughout the year. It really is a good deal.

Just one more thing:

This image shows the red and black print the best. You can use any coordinating print for the plaid, just as Jacquelynne did with her Pink quilt. I hope you enjoyed the Timber and Christmastime Collection. I certainly had fun making it. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!

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  1. Lydia Sheffield says:

    This is just spectacular. I think you have found your niche for designing-good way to use that engineering degree!


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