Cross-Stitch WIPs, March 25

Hello Everyone! I’m back today for an update on my cross-stitch activities. If you missed yesterday’s post, that was all about quilting. I decided to divide my posts up so neither would be too long.

Grandma’s Quilt, Farmhouse Christmas

Let’s get started with Farmhouse Christmas by Little House Needleworks. I finished the center square, but did change some of the colors. I substituted CC Pebble Beach for CC Pine Needles and changed the green border from CC Weeping Willow to DMC 470. This was a fun block to stitch, especially being a quilter. The Ohio Star block is probably one of the most popular quilt blocks in traditional quilting. It would be fun to duplicate this as quilted table topper for Christmas, including the center snow flake, hmmmmm!

You can see the Weeping Willow green in the Baa Baa Black Sheep block. It shows up better in the picture than in person. I’ll be taking it out in that block and replacing it with the DMC. I plan on playing a little Tic-Tac-Toe and will start on Block 1, Little Red Barn, next month. If you would like to see unique version of Farmhouse Christmas, watch this Country Stitchers Flosstube #46. Deb shows her version with all the charts laid out in one row. It is stunning! It’s about 15 minutes into the video, but if you can watch the whole thing, Deb and Liz are fun to watch.

After finishing the Farmhouse Christmas block, I went back to Welcome Summer by The Drawn Thread. I worked on the E, L and C. The flag was lots of fun to stitch, but I have to tell you, the leaves on the watermelon vine were a chore. I am using all substituted threads on this one and working 2 over 2 on 32 ct. Sapphire Linen. On the watermelon blossoms, I worked those 1 over 2, but used 2 over 2 for the leaves in a satin stitch. I had to work each one of those at least twice. On the last one, I finally took the piece and of my hoop and stitched in hand and that helped.

I made a new project bag over the weekend using Nancy Halverson’s Home Grown Fabric by Benartex. I plan on having my tutorial for making these bags next week so you’ll see more of it then.

I also got in a little haul. (Can you tell I’m trying to speak Flosstube lingo?) Anyway, I picked up Welcome Autumn, also by The Drawn Thread and Liberty Dwells by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread. I think I now have all the Welcome’s except Spring. I also really like the star pillow. That’s cross-stitched, not fabric. I am going to try to stitch that for a summer project.

After finishing the “C”, I put Summer Welcome aside and started back on Jack Frost’s Tree Farm, also by Little House Needleworks. I had stopped earlier on this one because I didn’t like the called for floss for the snow on my fabric, which I changed to 32 ct Lambswool. I tried several different colors and decided that DMC 3865 worked the best. Michael’s only had one skein, so I’m going to have to go back and get a few more to finish all the charts. The charts are being released a month at a time and I am waiting for my next one. I signed up at Traditional Stitches to get each piece every month. Part 1 came with the fabric, floss and first chart. What I didn’t realize when I signed up is that Traditional Stitches is in Calgary, Canada. As it turns out, with the exchange rate, it’s costing a little less than if I got it in the US, but the shipping time is a little longer. I’m not ready for the next one anyway, so a few extra days won’t matter.

So that’s where I am with my stitching. I plan on finishing Part 1 of Jack Frost’s Tree Farm before continuing on to something else. I haven’t decided what’s next however. In the mean time, I’m getting back to quilting my 2017 Moda Blockheads quilt because I plan to enter it in the local quilt show.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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3 Responses to Cross-Stitch WIPs, March 25

  1. Lydia Sheffield says:

    Can’t wait to see this one-I do like those welcome signs-what a nice seasonal piece to have for the walls.


    • Brenda says:

      Years ago when I x-stitched, I looked everywhere for a Welcome, and never found a good one. Now they seem to be everywhere. It’s pretty quick to stitch, too.


  2. Katherine says:

    I really like your color selection for the Welcome Summer project! I prefer brighter for a summer project like this. Is there any chance you have a list of the color substitutions you made? I sure would appreciate your sharing if you wouldn’t mind.


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