April’s Progress Update and May’s List

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! We were busy with some yardwork and spring cleaning last week and this week I plan to make a trip to the local nursery for some flowers for my planters and to fill in around my perennials. It has finally decided to be warm and I think we are not going to get much spring.

Before getting to April’s list of accomplishments, I wanted to let you know that Jacquelynne Steves is opening her “The Art of Home Club” for new members on May 9. Each month the club offers a collection of embroidery and applique designs with suggestions and projects for using them.  I have been making samples for Jacquelynne for the past year and I’m excited that she has asked me to design projects for the collection in August. IMG_6295.1

Jacquelynne designed the embroidery and applique designs and I’m designing the projects and writing the patterns that will go with them. This is a peek at one of the embroidery designs. Can you guess what the collection is about? To see what I’ve made for Jacquelynne, check out the Art of Home Category on the sidebar. From Jacquelynne’s site:

The Club will be open to new members from Wednesday May 9 to Tuesday May 15, 2018.

A couple of exciting things- First, I have an AWESOME bonus for everyone who signs up on the first day (Wednesday May 9).

PLUS- a members-only exclusive BONUS BLOCK for our upcoming BLOCK OF THE MONTH. And, it’s really really really really really really really really cute. (Did I mention that it’s cute? And adorable as well….)

The Block of the Month is really cute, I know, I’ve already been working on it. The BOM will start in August. Sign up here to be notified first thing when Jacquelynne opens the club for new members on Wednesday.

Now for April’s accomplishments:


As you can see, I accomplished quite a bit on my list. Some things I finished completely like the Be My Neighbor Minis and More,


the 13 Winterville stars,




and the three Swoon blocks. Most of the other things on my list were at least partially completed. 

I had a question on Instagram the other day after I posted my swoon blocks about how I get so much done. Well, these were blocks 7-9 out of 20 for the swoon blocks, but I started them in January 2017. I only made three of these blocks last year and am making an effort to work on them this year. Fortunately, I do have the fabric cut for all the blocks so I made these three while working on other projects.



Chain piecing pile!


What I try to do is have fabric cut and marked (for half square triangles, flying geese, etc) for several blocks or projects at a time. I started this when I was making the Moda Blockhead blocks which were one/week. Then when I sit down to sew, as long as I can chain piece, I’ll work on several different things at the same time. I sewed and used the corner section pieces of the swoon blocks for dividers while making the sections of the house blocks for the Be My Neighbor quilt and the star blocks for the Winterville quilt.


Here I have my next group of Winterville stars cut and marked and ready to sew.

Speaking of the Winterville quilt, I am keeping my schedule of block making each month.


The Vintage Holiday fabric by Bonnie and Camille for Moda was released and I received my pre-ordered layer cake before we went camping a few weeks ago. I made the rest of my holly blocks and one tree block out of the new fabric. Most of the reds in the picture  for the star blocks are from this fabric line, too.


Here are the finished sections of the holly and berry blocks. I can already check off part of number 4 on my May list!


I also spent Saturday working on Item 1 on the list, Alex’s quilt.


I don’t have a picture, but I now have two pieces instead of 4 for each of these blocks. The pattern is Snowbirds Quilt, a free Moda Bakeshop pattern by Anne Wiens.

IMG_6365.1Item 5 is May’s Minis and More mini. This month is our choice, anything summery. I’ve had this pattern by Thimble Blossoms and thought it was time to make it. I think I’ll use these fabrics by Corey Yoder. Pepper and Flax screams summery!


The mini is only 14″ x 14″. I am trying to decide between making a pillow or a wall hanging. What do you think? Why don’t you think about making a mini for May. You can join the parade for June 1. You can go to Sherri’s or Michele’s site for the details.

I think that’s it for now. I need to start finding more time during the week to post about what’s going on, then these posts wouldn’t be so long. Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by.








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2 Responses to April’s Progress Update and May’s List

  1. Lydia S says:

    I think the fact that you are SO organized helps in getting things done. I believe that’s why I haven’t done much because I feel like my stuff is all scattered. I can’t get out of this apartment quick enough!


  2. Jacqueline Taylor says:

    I know what you mean, Lydia!! I hope she sends a reminder tomorrow.. I have an appt in the morning, so when I’m able to check the emails, I hope its there! I have a lot on my plate with redoing, so that would Really be helpful!


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