Finally Finished!

Hello Everyone! I have finally finished my son’s graduation quilt. It’s been a long work in progress over the past two years. I have shown peeks of the progress along the way, but here is the whole quilt!


This is a large quilt. The final measurements are 84″ x 96″. The pattern is a Disappearing 4-Patch, which means I made the block twice. I started with a 4 patch of gold and black, then cut the block horizontally and vertically, rearranged the pieces and sewed it back together. The final block size is 12″. The two alternate blocks are t-shirts. That seemed to be the easiest way to get the KSU emblems in the quilt.

IMG_5805.1I quilted this large quilt on my domestic machine, a Pfaff 4.0 Quilt Expression. I used the 12″ QP Curve by the Quilted Pineapple to quilt the curves in the larger squares and the Westalee Straight Edge Ruler to quilt the straight lines.


Inside the diamond shape, I free motion quilted ribbon candy. I used Angela Walters point to point method for the quilting. I marked the points with a purple  disappearing marker on the gold and a white pencil on the black. Using the disappearing marker was good, but once I marked a section, I had to quilt it. The marker usually only lasts a day or less depending on the humidity. I used Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread to quilt and piece with.


On the T-shirts, I outlined the emblem, then quilted swirls. I thought that would be easier than trying to keep the same pattern as the rest of the quilt.


The black fabrics are a mix of some I had in my stash and ones that I added to complete the quilt. The gold is a Timeless Treasure fabric.


The fabric on the back is Black Shadowplay Flannel by Windham Fabrics.  The Class of 2016 is also from a T-Shirt. The quilting shows up really good here. This was taken on a very windy day a few weeks ago. I didn’t get a lot of cooperation from my holders that day.


My son graduated from Kennesaw State University in May, 2016. I started working on this quilt in the Winter of 2016. It’s taken me a while to get it finished but once I started quilting it, I had it finished in a few months. My son really likes it, but he didn’t want to be on my blog, so no picture of him with it here.

I’m glad to have this off my to do list and my son is happy there are still some cooler days so he can use it. Thanks for stopping by.



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2 Responses to Finally Finished!

  1. Lydia says:

    That looks fantastic!


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