Hello 2018!

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had a happy first week of 2018, even though the weather in most places has not been great. For those of us in the sunny south, we’ve been in a deep freeze and I know those along the east coast endured blizzard conditions. The cold has made it easier to stay in and do some planning to start off the new year.

Before we get started on the new year plans, I would like to thank everyone for your thoughtful and kind comments on my pillows made with my Grandmother’s fabrics. There seems to be a lot of us who have inherited fabric. I hope the pillows were an inspiration with what to do with some fabric you may not want in a full size quilt, yet honor the person you received it from.

Before getting into 2018 goals, I would like to recap the 4th quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long (check out over 400 finishes for the quarter).

  1. Scattered Leaves and Pumpkins Pillow or Mini Quilt Pattern
  2. Mini Dashing-Halloween
  3. November, A Year in the Garden
  4. Vintage Holiday Mini
  5. Mini Dashing-Christmas
  6. I Love Home
  7. December A Year in the Garden
  8. Hand Crafter’s Carry-All-Basket
  9. Squishy Bags
  10. Grandma’s Hexagon Pillows
  11. A Quilting Life Block of the Month Blocks, for the year, finished all 12 blocks for both the 12″ and 6″ quilt.
  12. Moda Blockheads, finished 43 blocks for the year and stayed mostly current with this Block of the Week sew-a-long.

Now, on to 2018 Plans and Goals.

At the beginning of every year, I like to look through my lists that I made the year before to see what I planned to do for that year and what I actually finished from that list. Some of the items on my list are just general ideas, others I have patterns for and some actually have fabric set aside for them. There are others that have been started and put aside when other things popped up. With so much out there now on social media, it’s hard not to want to sew along or make something new that you’ve seen someone else make. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think I’m the only one that has attention deficit when it comes to finishing projects.

This year I thought I would change things just a little. I still made my UFO (Unfinished Objects) list, but instead of a To Do list for this year, I made a Want To Do list. Some of the items on this list have been on a To Do list for several years, but hopefully this year I will get to them. I’m not sure I’m going to participate in the 2018 Finish-A-Long, but what I am going to do is make a monthly To Do list.


There are also two items on the back, make test blocks for a quilt I’m designing in my new EQ8, and plan a BOM for Thimbleblossoms Winterville quilt (info coming soon). On the monthly list, I’m going to make sure that there are at least two UFO projects to work on and two Want To Do items. This month’s UFO’s are Jake’s quilt and the Swoon blocks. The Want To Do items are plan and decide on fabric for the Winterville Quilt and test block for my quilt.

I’ve already finished number 1 on the list. My sewing room was a mess from all the sewing I did before Christmas to get the pillows and bags finished for gifts. Jake’s quilt has been on a list of some kind for almost two years. I have finished quilting half of it now and it really is my top priority as far as sewing goes.

I see I forgot to add the Moda Blockhead blocks. I’m currently up to date and only have 4 more to go! I also finished my own bonus block from leftovers of Block 44. The first one is Block 44, the other is mine.

There are items on the list for my small business. I plan to get my items for Jacquelynne shipped by the end of this week, but you can’t see those until February. I also need to get the pattern written for the Hand Crafter’s Carry-All Basket. My friend Joyce from the Lap App Store wants to have it for a market she’s attending in Europe in February. It’s a busy list, but even after the first week, I’ve started working on about half the list.

One of the things that keeps me on track is working with a weekly and daily plan. Last year, I decided to use a quilting planner that was separate from my household planner.

I really like this one from Lori Holt. I like the weekly lay out with an area for notes for each week and day. It also has the section to plan your projects. Since I still have 20 project planning pages left, I want to continue to use it so I needed a new planner for 2018. I found this one by Punctuate at Barnes and Noble that has a similar set up as Lori’s weekly pages.


It has an area to write down things to do for the week, plus room to make notes for each day. I do have to confess, sometimes things don’t get written down for the daily tasks until after I do them, but at least I have a record of what I worked on.

There is a lot I want to do and if I get half of it done, that will be great. I’m sure that list will grow, too, as the year goes on. I’m fortunate that I usually get to spend about 2-3 hours sewing or working on projects a day, sometimes more. My kids are grown so there’s not the running around like there used to be and I’m not a big shopper (unless it’s fabric :)) so I usually just have weekly grocery shopping and errands to do. Of course there’s laundry, cleaning and meal planning and prep thrown in, too. Plus I do most of the yard work (which I enjoy overall) in the spring, summer and fall. I do spend time on my exercise routine, at least and hour a day, 5-6 days a week, but unless we are out of town, I manage to get a fair amount of sewing in, so hopefully we’ll see some good progress on both the UFO list and Want To Do list this year.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fun and productive sewing year. Stay warm!



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2 Responses to Hello 2018!

  1. Lydia says:

    I look forward to seeing the awesome things you come up with this year. Always inspiring.


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