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Hello Everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since I last checked in. Mostly I’ve been busy making a few Christmas gifts and working on Jacquelynne Steve’s Art of Home Club project, none of which I can show now. However, as I was going through my pictures, I realized I haven’t updated you on my Quilting Life BOM and the Moda Blockheads BOW in almost a month. Plus, I have snow pictures! Keep reading for those.

Sherri, from A Quilting Life, published her last two blocks, plus a bonus block in November. If you are interested in making them, they will be free on her site until the end of December, then she’s going to publish them as a pattern and list it in her shop.


November’s Block


Bonus Block

These are the 12″ blocks made with the Pondicherry fabric by French General. I decided to make the bonus block instead of December’s because I liked it more and I had made the same block in the Moda Blockheads group. I started using the blue and cream center fabric during the summer because I couldn’t get anymore of the cream background fabric and I didn’t want to run out. I used the last little bit I had in the bonus block. I have an idea for setting these blocks with log cabin blocks as alternate blocks. It’s going to take some serious planning to do that and will have to wait until after Christmas.


November 6″ Block


Bonus 6″ Block

These are the 6″ blocks made from Fig Tree Fabrics. I haven’t decided how I want to set these yet for the final quilt. Another that will have to wait for the first of the year. I think November’s block is my favorite from this group.

Now for the Moda Blockhead Blocks.


Block 38


Block 39


Block 40 – Alternate


Block 41

I just finished Block 40 – Alternate yesterday, so I’m still keeping up. Each block takes about 2 hours for me to make between the planning, cutting and piecing. The Alternate blocks take a little more time because Lisa Bongean is the designer and she likes to challenge us with tiny pieces. The alternate blocks are in place of the applique blocks. I’ve made a few of the applique blocks, but I think for this quilt, I like the pieced ones better.

I’ve been pondering how I’m going to set all these blocks. My initial idea is to set them on point, with alternating black and red fabric blocks but I can’t find black fabric that will go with these. Most of the black fabric is over 8 years old and has been used multiple times in different quilts. And when you really start looking at the black fabrics, you realize that there are a lot of different hues, saturations and styles. Most of my fabrics are reproductions and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of those right now in black.  I’ll keep looking or have to change my plans.

Now for the snow.


I live in Northwest Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Thursday, a week ago, the forecasters were calling for a wintery mix on Friday morning. By Saturday afternoon, we had over 10″ of snow where we live. We were fortunate to only lose power for a few hours Friday night; there were lots in the area that were without it for several days. This was a rare treat for us to have snow like this in December or anytime for that matter.


I have never had my Christmas lights in the snow before so I had to have a picture.  It was so pretty!


The snow was beautiful, but you can see how heavy the snow was in the tops of the pine trees. When I heard the first crack, I thought someone was shooting a gun. When I heard it again, then heard a big thump, I realized the branches were breaking and falling.


These are branches that fell on Friday and were covered with snow by Saturday. What you can’t see in this picture are my 6 plus foot tall azaleas that are covered with snow and fallen branches.  Fortunately, they appear to be undamaged. I did have a small Japanese Maple that got broken when a branch fell on it.  My son and I were the only ones home, so he slept in the basement and I slept in my daughter’s room on Friday night because our rooms were more vulnerable to falling branches.


We cleaned up the yard yesterday and this is the pile of branches that needs to be mulched.

I hope you enjoyed my updates and the snow. I’ll be back soon with a couple of finishes. Thanks for stopping by.



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3 Responses to This and That Updates

  1. Sharon says:

    Your photos of the snow were very pretty but I can’t believe you got 10″ in Georgia! I didn’t think that it ever snowed there. I live in New England and 10 inches is still a good amount of snow. We have power outages quite often due to the heavy snow but isn’t it so pretty when it first falls?


  2. Lydia says:

    Glad the branches missed the house. We got quite a bit considering how close we are to Atlanta. Wonder if that will be all the snow we get this year?!


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