A Quick Check In

Hello Everyone! I wanted to do a quick check in. It’s been pretty busy here and I’m home between traveling. This past weekend, we went to Pensacola to see my daughter’s first home swim meet of the season.


She’s in there somewhere. They are getting ready for the 1st event, a relay. We had a nice visit even though it was short. Now, we are getting ready for our camping trip to Falls Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. After the rain and the front goes through, it’s supposed to be the coldest temperatures of the season. We are taking just about every coat we own! It should warm up by the end of the week though.

On the quilting front, I completed another Moda Blockhead Block 32. I’m going to get behind on those again, oh well. They usually only take a couple of hours to make.


I also made my hexies for the week for the Instagram #100hexies100days2017 with @sewfoxymama.

IMG_5125 The theme last week was the Sky’s the Limit. The first day, I made these 7 3/4″ hexies and plan to make a coaster out of them. For the next 6 days,

IMG_5151I made the five white hexies in the middle and then for the last day, the mug rug was my hexie. The print and star fabric are leftovers from a quilt I made my son about 15 years ago. I hand pieced it together and hand quilted it in the car going to Pensacola.

The other project I worked on last week was October’s Minis and More Parade mini. I was ambitious and thought I would make two. I knew I probably would only get one quilted, but that was okay. Let’s start with the first one:

I wanted to make a Halloween mini just because I haven’t made anything specific for Halloween in a long time. I had these leftover fabrics by Deb Strain for Moda from my last project and thought I could use them. I picked up the Crayola Fabric Colors by Riley Blake during a mini shop hop the week before. Perfect for this project.


I had the rows all sewn together and something just didn’t feel right about it. Too busy, too something. This picture doesn’t show the original layout because I had already taken some of the blocks out.


This is what I plan to do now. I hope I can get the new pieces cut out before we leave. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the black and orange dot for the background, but I’m hoping that the solids will be a bit more calming.


I wasn’t completely happy with the Christmas version either. I counted the black and red block in the middle as red and made three of each color, but I don’t like my colors to touch so I’m going to replace the aqua star block in the upper right corner with a red star. The pattern for this is called Mini Dashing by Corey Yoder. You still have time to get in on the parade. Just get the pattern and make your own, then send it to either Sherri or Michele.

If you’re still looking for a small fall decorating project, don’t forget my Scattered Leaves and Pumpkin Pillow or Mini. It would be a great addition to your fall décor. You can find it in my Craftsy shop here.

scatterd leaves pillow, blog

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


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3 Responses to A Quick Check In

  1. Lydia S says:

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Fall Creek Falls, look forward to hearing whether anything has changed in the 15 years-maybe? since I’ve been there. I think you’re right abut the Halloween background fabric, but know you will come up with the right solution!


  2. Blocks look great. My daughter is on the swim team. Lots of commitment from us parents.


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