September Minis and More and Last Finish for Q3 for the 2017 FAL

Hello Everyone! Today I have my last finish for Q3 of the 2017 Finish-A-Long. You can also check out all the finishes from the participants for Q3 here. You can find my list for the quarter here. Thanks, too, for all the sponsors of the FAL. I haven’t won anything this year, but I did last year 🙂

The Minis and More Parade is usually on the first day of the month unless it’s on the weekend, which this month it is. I’m posting mine early because I need to add this to the FAL by Sept 30 and the I Love Home Block 3 post will be on Monday. So let’s see this month’s mini.

Berry Baskets Mini Cover Image

This is host Sherri’s (A Quilting Life) pattern, Berry Basket Mini Quilt, using her new Creekside fabric. You can find the pattern here.  I wanted to keep mine a bit smaller, so I made 5 baskets instead of 8.


I thought I would keep this mini very traditional. I knew I wanted to use fabric from a charm pack I have of Minick and Simpson’s Snowfall, which seems very traditional to me with the paisley prints and the soft colors. Unfortunately, I could not find any yardage or layer cakes at my LQS’s. I did find some charm packs, so I added two more to the one I had and set about reworking the directions to be used with a charm pack. The border fabric is also an older Minick and Simpson that I found in my stash.

Since the block size is small, I was able to make the two main parts of the basket with two charm squares and I was also able to make the 8 HSTs for the handle and bottom out of two charm squares using the 8 at a time method. This is also a very quick way to make the HSTs.


To make, mark a diagonal line from corner to corner in both directions, then sew 1/4″ on each side of the lines.


Next, cut the pieces apart on the vertical, then horizontal, then diagonal lines. This gave me 8 2″ HST which I trimmed to the correct size.

I knew when I started this, that I wanted to do some pretty quilting in all the open spaces of the corners and side triangles. I used two layers of Quilter’s Dream Select to help show off the quilting and Aurifil 50 wt thread for the quilting.


For the baskets, I free motion quilted continuous curves in the handle and basket bottom, then used my ruler for the straight lines in the basket. I had to really practice the little swirls in the sashing. For some reason, those are difficult for me, I have to really concentrate to keep the swirls going in the right direction.



I used my 12″ QP (Quilted Pineapple) curve ruler for the side and corner curved cross-hatching. The lines are quilted 1/4″ apart. Of course, I had to do a feather in the outer border!


This was a fun little quilt to make and I’ll enjoy hanging it on my wall.  On Monday, October 2, Sherri and Michelle will be hosting the September parade. I hope you will stop by and see all the other quilty goodness.

I’m writing this post from Nags Head, NC in the Outerbanks. We’ve had a couple of inside days because of hurricane Maria. Fortunately, we didn’t get the rain that was originally predicted, but we did get the wind. The house we are staying in is on stilts and sits just over the dune from the beach. We could really feel it rocking around.

The first pictures are from Sunday and Monday morning. It was still windy, but Sunday was a beach day, but by Monday afternoon, we were spending our time at the pier bar where we had an afternoon cocktail. We have been to the Outerbanks lots of times, but I have never seen the ocean like this.


These last three pictures were taken on Wednesday, when Maria was just off shore. The wind was so strong, that you couldn’t stay out long.


In the middle picture, you can see the edge of one of the bands. Maria became a hurricane again during the day and you could definitely tell the winds picked up and waves got higher. In these pictures you can see the wind blowing off the top of the waves.

We had two beautiful beach days on Thursday and Friday. Definitely a good time and hopefully we’ll be back in a few years.  Thanks for stopping by.


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5 Responses to September Minis and More and Last Finish for Q3 for the 2017 FAL

  1. Sharon B. says:

    I really love your basket mini! Baskets are a favorite of mine and your quilting is gorgeous!


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  3. Lydia S says:

    Love the quilts AND the beach photos.


  4. The quilting is incredible! A beautiful mini and beautiful views! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.


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