I Love Home BOM and Giveaway Starts Today!


ImMakingILoveHome-JacquelynneSteves-150pixHello Everyone! Welcome to the first month of Jacquelynne Steves’ “I Love Home” Free BOM. I was very honored that Jacquelynne asked me to participate again this year. I have made several of Jacquelynne’s designs and love her whimsical style. You can read more from Jacquelynne about the BOM and still sign up  here if you haven’t already. Each month there will be some awesome giveaways with eight chances to win, too. Just visit the list of bloggers at the end of this post and follow their directions on how you can win. This month our sponsor is Aurifil Thread and they are offering one of these…


a box of Aurifil thread. Read to the end of this post to find out how you can win a box from me. I love the strength and durablity of Aurfil threads and use it for piecing , quilting and embroidery. And it comes in so many colors!

Now for my block…


I haven’t done many house blocks during all my many years of quilting, but I love these houses by Jacquelynne. These are large 18″ blocks and the piecing instructions are easy to follow. Each block will have a center house design that you can applique or embroider, or if that’s not your thing and you have a special piece of fabric, use that for your center. For the applique in my blocks, I’m using a fusible applique method with a hand buttonhole stitch to applique the pieces down. Instead of just using the applique pieces, I’m also including design elements from the embroidery pattern that Jacquelynne includes with the instructions.


You can see the pattern under the block. I use a light box to help place the applique pieces, then mark the embroidery designs I want to include.

The fabrics I’ve chosen for this project are Coney Island, Chestnut Street, and some Strawberry Fields Revisited by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree and Co. and Sundrops and a little Lulu Lane by Corey Yoder of Corianderquilts. As I got started with the first block, I realized I needed some solids. Instead of trying to find the coordinating fabrics myself, I ordered this half yard bundle of Bella Solids from Fig Tree that was already done for me.


I also wanted to use Aurifloss thread by Aurifil for my handwork and I only have a little bit, so I also ordered this coordinating box of floss…


These colors are perfect. It’s nice that Aurifil is curating threads for different lines of fabric, it makes our task easier!


If I don’t have the right color, I’m filling in with my extensive collection of DMC floss from many years of x-stitching.


I used the buttonhole, satin and stem stitch in this block. For the houses and larger pieces, I used two strands of thread. For the flowers, I only used one. I don’t anticipate that this quilt will be used, it will be displayed. Jacquelynne has some tutorials here if you need some help getting started with your hand embroidery.

Now for my methods!

The Applique


For the applique, Jacquelynne has already reversed the pattern for you. I’m using Thermoweb’s Heat and Bond Lite for the fusible web. For the larger pieces, cut out the centers to help keep the piece soft. (These pieces are from block 2, forgot to take a picture with block one). Apply the pieces and fuse them to the background according to the manufacture’s directions. At this point, you can hand or machine applique. To see a brief tutorial on the buttonhole stitch, go here.

Choosing Fabrics

For a lot of my projects, I like what I call a controlled scrappy look. That means using different fabrics in the same color. Fortunately today, with pre-cuts, this makes choosing fabrics easy. I like to use layer cakes because you get all the prints in a line and it’s big enough to make several blocks out of it. For the “I Love Home” quilt, I’m using three layer cakes and a fat eighth bundle of Coney Island plus the Bella Solids.


For each block, I will preview the fabrics until I like the combination. Most of my blocks will contain different fabrics, but I’ve chosen a few that will be in all the blocks. The yellow Lulu Lane fabric and the Strawberry Revisited cream will border each house block. The half square triangles in each corner of the block will be the same green and cream.

Now for the giveaway. For your chance to win a box of Aurifil Thread, leave me a message by the end of day on Monday August 14 and tell me how you would complete the house center; hand applique, machine applique, embroidery, a focus fabric, etc. The contest is open to everyone including international readers. Make sure I can contact you via email. Visit the other bloggers for even more chances to win and see their interpretation of Jacquelynne’s BOM. 

You can also follow along and post your own pictures on social media using #ILoveHomeQuilt and here on Pinterest.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Enjoy making your first block!




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348 Responses to I Love Home BOM and Giveaway Starts Today!

  1. Glenna D. says:

    With these large blocks I will plan to machine applique. I do like needle turn for smaller projects.


  2. Cheryl Lea says:

    I’m going to machine applique the houses on my blocks. Thanks for the tips on how you made yours. It turned out so pretty!


  3. Janice King says:

    I am going to use several applications. I want to use a focal fabric, along with traditionally turned applique. Some hand embroidered elements could accent it also.


  4. Susan says:

    Brenda, I like your choice of fabrics. I would probably machine applique with time constraints now. For an extra, extra special quilt, I like needle turn. My son and his four year old daughter are living with me and she starts Pre-K-4 in about 2 weeks. We have to transport her and I’m her caregiver while he’s at work, so I don’t have much free time right now. It’s nice to see another person who loves x-stitch. Thanks for participating and hosting the giveaway.


  5. Andrea Reynolds says:

    I’ll probably use a mix of applique and embroidery. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s interpretation 🙂


  6. Nancy P says:

    As a beginning sewer, I plan to machine appliqué as I’m still learning that technique.


  7. Chiska says:

    I would probably do hand applique. I love your center block. I think it’s my favorite so far.


  8. Reba Walker says:

    I’ve never done applique in any form but think I would prefer machine. I want to learn! I have a lovely Bernina to work with and can’t wait! Guess I’ll have to since I’m in an arm splint for the next 5 weeks.


  9. Susan says:

    I plan to do machine applique and maybe a stitchery version, also.


  10. Judi Duncan says:

    I would finish with machine satin stitch….


  11. Carol Nelms says:

    I am going to do machine applique, raw edge fusible. Thanks!


  12. Sue Dent says:

    I’d use a combination of machine applique and hand embroidery.


  13. Susy Dowers says:

    I plan on machine appliqueing the center blocks in order to get the done in a timely manner….


  14. Sarah says:

    Im going to be machine appliquing my houses


  15. Marilyn says:

    I would use a machine appliqueing. Thanks for the giveaway.


  16. Elizabeth Porter says:

    Your block is very cute with all your fabric choices. I am doing embroidery for the center of the block.I just enjoy doing embroidery.


  17. I am going to use machine applique for my house center. I just seems easier and faster to do it that way. I’m new to BOM, so I’m just trying to keep up with all the veteran quilters!


  18. I’m absolutely going to do hand embroidery!! It’s my favorite.


  19. Pauline Perry says:

    I plan on hand applique and hand embroidery. Your house is beautiful – gorgeous stitches.


  20. Beth says:

    I would hand appliqué and add embroidery for the details:)


  21. lauriemd says:

    Right now I am planning on using machine applique. I did see an example using a focus fabric inside the door that was especially cute. I am very new to quilting and I will probably change my mind several times before I make a final decision.


  22. Toni Garman says:

    l will be doing machine applique with a blanket or zig zag stitch. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Aurifil thread.


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  24. Lee says:

    I will use zig zag machine stitch to finish! I love the heart on the door and your fabrics!


  25. Shirley Totos says:

    I want to needle turn applique and add embroidery to the flowers, windows and maybe the hearts, just to add some interest to the block.


  26. Vicki H says:

    I’ll be using machine applique.


  27. Sandy K says:

    I would like to try hand applique.


  28. Regina Harris says:

    I would complete the house center with embroidery as it is easier for me than applique for small items.


  29. Kathi Bowen says:

    I am going to hand applique my house and do some embroidery on my blocks.


  30. Linda Cejnar says:

    I will use a focus fabric if I can find one that I like.


  31. Brenda Jerles says:

    I would like to use buttons or yo yos.


  32. Tina says:

    I prefer machine appliqué. I would like to use some decorative stitches from my machine. Thanks so much for sharing.


  33. Anne says:

    I prefer hand appliqué to complete the house center. thanks for a chance to win


  34. D. White says:

    I’m going to machine applique.


  35. Terri says:

    I love to hand embroider so that would be my choice. Your fabric choices are very striking.


  36. Debbie Lovell says:

    I am going to hand applique.


  37. Linda Colwell says:

    I may do a focus fabric, not sure yet. Thx for the chance to win.


  38. Shirley Hayes says:

    I like to hand applique


  39. fhorn219 says:

    I will be using machine applique for these blocks. I don’t have the patience yet to try it by hand. Your block is absolutely adorable.

    Thanks, Ann


  40. Rosemary Allen says:

    I will machine applique.


  41. Karen L Jones says:

    Reverse applique – maybe with a focus fabric


  42. Cindy Maskal says:

    I’ll hand applique because it is my comfort zone, but I’m about ready to start doing some machine painting and these might be a good time to try.


  43. Janice says:

    I would do machine applique but I would use some of the solids for the house


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  45. Denise Smith says:

    I think hand applique is what I will do.


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