Lindsey’s Quilt and a FAL

Hello everyone! I’m back with Lindsey’s graduation quilt. This is also a finish for the 2017 FAL, Q2. You can find my list here.


Lindsey will be attending the University of Kentucky so I thought a blue and white quilt was in order. The pattern is Crosshatch by Amy Smart from her Craftsy class Pre-cut Shortcuts. The blue fabrics are all batiks and the white is Kona Cotton. The pattern calls for using pre-cuts, but I cut my own so I could get this variety of blues in similar shades. It was another easy quilt to make.


I used my Hera Marker to mark the squares on the fabric, then used my open toe foot to quilt it.  Since the quilt is so large, I quilted half of the squares in a row, then turned the quilt and quilted the other half. That way, I didn’t have to turn the quilt all the way around for each block. I did one that way and thought of the better way to do it.


I used the free motion foot to quilt different designs in the center of each square. The one above is Paisley and Pebbles.


I also quilted swirls, pebbles and did a little MacTavishing. I quilted Ribbon Candy in the sashing. It’s still a work in progress, but the more I quilt it, the better it gets.



Originally, I was going to add a border, but I liked the way it looked without it. I used the border fabric on the back, but didn’t have enough. Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have any of the border fabric left so I bought something else and pieced the back.

Well,  I wish I could say that’s it for the graduation quilts, but I still need to quilt my son’s who graduated a year ago. Oh well, he’s going to have to wait a little longer. Today I’m going to start a T-shirt quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make.

Thanks for stopping by.




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1 Response to Lindsey’s Quilt and a FAL

  1. Lydia says:

    Love this, the blue’s are so pretty.


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