Another FAL and A Day Out

Hello Everyone! Well, I’ve been busy getting quilts ready to quilt this week, but I do have another finish for the 2017 Finish-A-Long, Q2. You can find my list here.


This is the June Mini Quilt designed by Jennifer Reynolds of Jenny of Elefantz. This is part of her “a year in the garden” series from the 2016 January and February Stitchery Club designs. I got a little behind last year, but am trying to catch up. I still have September – December to do.


Here it is on it’s background quilt and here is a close up of the flowers.


The flowers are all tiny little stem stitches done in two colors. It took me several sessions to get them all done, but I like the result.


I used DMC floss and Aurifloss by Aurifil Threads. The Aurifloss isn’t quite as shiny and smooth as the DMC, but it’s nice to work with. These two threads came out of pack of the Retro Farmhouse Floss for Fig Tree fabrics. I will be starting a new project with these threads, details coming soon.

Last week, my husband, daughter and I spent a day traveling to the North Georgia Mountains and hiking at Tullulah Gorge State Park which is in the north eastern part of the state. And when I say hiking, it was mostly walking up and down steps, almost 1100 steps!


The hike started at the visitor center, at the top of the gorge, then proceeded to this first overlook.  You had two choices, to go around the top of the rim, or go down into the gorge. Both my husband and I said the day before, we were not going to do all the steps, but we did and it was worth the sore calves that I had for several days.

Out first big stop going down, was the suspension bridge that crossed the gorge.



After crossing the bridge, we had the option to go up and out or go down to the gorge floor. Of course, we chose the floor.


It was very pretty down there, but to actually get out on the rocks and be able to hike at the bottom level, you have to have a pass, which is only given to the first 100 people of the day. I think further down, there is a rock to slide on because we saw people with boogie boards.


Back up we went, and went and went. We had to stop a couple of times before we reached the top. There were a lot of steps!

Once back on top, the trail was very easy to walk on. You crossed the main highway bridge to get back to the other side.


This is the view from the highest overlook in the park.

There are six waterfalls in the park, so I was able to check them off on my list of waterfalls to visit in my guidebook. We had a good time, and came home through Blue Ridge, more towards the north western part of the state, so we really did do the tour of the mountains that day.

I am going to the East Cobb Quilt Show this weekend and I’ve already had a sneak peak at the quilts and they are beautiful. I’ll also be back soon with updates on what I’ve been working on. Thanks for stopping by.


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2 Responses to Another FAL and A Day Out

  1. Lydia says:

    We haven’t done that hike in a while. Looks like a lovely day


  2. Marci Girl says:

    Not only is your finish beautiful but so was that hike! Congrats on both and yes totally worth sore calf muscles. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


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