New Bag Pattern

Hello everyone! Today I’m excited to share my new bag pattern, The Quilter’s Carry-All Bag.


Updated: The large bag is on my list for the 2017 Second Quarter Finish-A-Long. See the picture below. You can find my list here.

This is the original bag that I made two years ago. As I was making it, I wrote down the steps thinking I might one day create a pattern from it. I use it all the time to carry my quilting supplies and projects with me when on the go. It’s also the perfect size to fit under an airplane seat. This bag has been all over the country!

The fabrics in this bag are Day Sail by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. The embroidery design is a combination of Gail Pan designs, from her book “Patchwork Meets Embroidery,” and Jennifer Reynolds,  from her monthly club designs.

When I was working on the Blocks on the Go for Quilts that Grow English Paper Piecing project, I would use this bag to carry the pieces I was working on, all the necessary tools and my Lap App. (You can see the Lap App sticking out of the bag above). My quilty friend Joyce who designed and sells the Lap App, asked if I would design the bag so it was a little larger to completely fit the Lap App inside. She wanted to take it to Quilt Market this spring. I said sure, so this is the result.

Carry All 1


As you can see, the larger bag holds quit a bit. Inside is the Lap App, my 15″ Laptop, my zippered pouch that holds all my embroidery tools and thread, the bag that holds my electronic cords, and an extra bag for walking around with (pattern to come later this summer).  There is a bottle of water in the pocket, along with my embroidery hoops.



These are the two inside pockets. You can see that one is not as deep as the other. After making several tote bags, I decided it was better to have one pocket shallower so I didn’t have to rummage around the bottom trying to find the smaller tools. The instructions leave it up to the maker to customize the pocket dividers to meet her needs.


You can see the size difference above. The large bag is 17 1/2″ x 13″ x 5″ and the medium bag is 14″ x 12″ x 4″. The pattern has instructions for making both sizes. The bags are empty so you can see how structured they are. I have a tutorial for making the bag here.

I have just opened my online shop if you would like to purchase the pattern, either as a PDF or a paper pattern. Just a note, the paper patterns will not be available to ship for two weeks. I will be selling the pattern at an introductory price of $7 instead of the regular price of $10, until June 17.

I have also added a tutorial for the bag with pictures if you decide you need a visual reference for the bag.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are in the market for a sturdy tote bag, consider The Quilter’s Carry-All Bag.




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5 Responses to New Bag Pattern

  1. Oh my, I love the bag. I will have Alicia(my daughter) check this out as she makes all kinds of bags. But you have taught me a lesson, This being to wear my glasses when on the computer. I started to pass up your blog because no glasses I read your blogs as your new bra. Glad I squinted and went for my glasses, Thank you.


  2. Lydia says:

    These are fabulous well done.


  3. Ella says:

    Great bags! Thanks for participating in the FAL!


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