Traveling and a Little Quilting

Hello Everyone! We traveled to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon last week during my daughter’s spring break. We had a great time and the scenery was breathtaking. I have a few pictures to tease you with, but there are thousands of pictures to go through. I hope I can get a travel post out by the end of the weekend.

The first two pictures are from Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.



Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that we walked down into and worked our way up and out. The formations and colors were unbelievable.


This is the Grand Canyon at sunset. Breathtaking! You just didn’t get tired of looking at it.

Right before we left I decided I would participate in the Moda Blockheads, Block of the Week. The designers like traditional and reproduction fabrics and decided to get together to design 48 6″ blocks.

I pulled out this bundle that I’ve had for a few years:


Then I added these fabrics from my stash:


Once, we were home, I caught up on the first two blocks:


The blocks are free and are posted every Wednesday. You can check out their Facebook page here and they are on Instagram at #modablockheads.

After catching up with laundry and groceries, I began to sew the binding down on the t-shirt quilt. I’ll be working on that over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by.


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5 Responses to Traveling and a Little Quilting

  1. We saw the Grand Canyon at sunrise and was AMAZING. This year we are thinking of going to either Arizona, New Mexico again or go to the North West area. I have never been to the North West.
    I love the Slot Canyon pictures. Would love to see them. I will have to try out your blocks. I really like them.


  2. Paula S. Pike says:

    The Pacific Northwest has such diversity and beauty as does the rest of our country. I live in Eastern Washington but love all of the Pacific Northwest personally.


  3. lydia S says:

    Lovely- can’t wait to see more.


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