Maggie’s First Dance Final Month

Hello Everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s the last month for Maggie’s First Dance Free BOM by Jacquelynne Steves. I’d like to thank Jacquelynne for giving me this opportunity to be a featured blogger. It’s been a great experience for me. I’ve really enjoyed making the quilts and I hope you have enjoyed making your version just as much as I have.

I’m also happy to announce that Jacquelynne has asked me to be a sample maker for “The Art of Home Club.” I’m very excited about it, so look for some new projects after the first of the year. I hope you all had the chance to sign up for the club or purchase her Everything Patterns Ebook. If not, there will be more opportunities soon.

If you have kept up, all you have to do this month is add the borders. Jacquelynne’s instructions are very easy and they won’t take long to complete. First though, I want to introduce this month’s sponsor: Kari from New Leaf Stitches. She is giving away Clearly Perfect Angles.


Do you draw a lot of lines for half square triangles? Well, the Clearly Perfect Angle allows you to sew without all of those lines. Read to the end to see how you can win your set and also get information about a Grand Prize Giveaway by Jacquelynne.

As you know, I made two versions of Maggie’s Dance, one embroidered and one appliqued from the kit I won from Jacquelynne for last year’s BOM. I have been busy quilting them for the past 3 weeks (with a short camping break to the mountains). I think I’ve listened to 6 books while I’ve been quilting. I have lots of pictures, so I hope you stick with me to the end.

First up is the embroidered version I’ve named Desert Dance.

IMG_2324 (3).JPG

Just to recap: the fabrics are Bright Sun by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda.  Sherri describes the fabric colors as reminiscent of a desert sunrise. For me, they definitely have a southwestern feel to them. I used DMC floss for all the embroidery and Aurifil 50 wt for all piecing and quilting. There are two layers of batting; Quilter’s Dream 80/20 on the bottom, then Quilter’s Dream Select on top. All quilting was done on my domestic machine, a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0. I used a Westalee mid-shank ruler foot and long arm rulers for parts of the quilting.

I do spray baste with Odif 505 Spray Adhesive. I rarely use pins unless it’s a very small piece. I have never had any problems with using it. Before I began the free motion quilting, I did stitch in the ditch (with my FMQ foot) with Superior Bottomline Thread. This was the first time I had used it and it did a good job of stabilizing the quilt.

I considered the fabrics in Desert Dance to be a little modern looking, so I went with what I think of as more modern free motion quilting.


I quilted three very close echo lines around the embroidery, then small paisleys and pebbles to make it puff and give it definition. I did ribbon candy in the blue dots of the setting blocks and used the ruler foot for the straight line quilting between the blocks. I used a straight template to stitch half inch spacing, then free hand quilted between the lines for quarter inch spacing.


I quilted continuous curves in all the pieced blocks. (I also see I missed quilting the lower left corner squares, I’ll have to go back and fix that).


I used an 8″ arc template to make the spiral where the corners of the blocks came together. I wanted to create movement with the quilting. I carried that quilting and the straight line quilting into the first inner border. If I had thought about it earlier, I might have appliqued the yellow fabric in the border to complete the square.


I used the same template to quilt the arcs on the outer border. I started at the center of the border and worked my way to the ends.  The yellow border is a single sided feather.


I used mostly Aurifil color 2110 on this, but did switch to the turquoise and pink when needed. This was all I had left from a full spool of the yellow.


The backing is also from Bright Sun. You can really see the quilting from the back. I love everything about it.

Now for the appliqued version. I love this one, too.


The fabrics in Maggie’s First Dance, selected by Jacquelynne, are Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan for Moda. I hand appliqued the block centers with Aurifil 50 wt in matching colors. The piecing and quilting were also done with Aurifil 50 wt. I used the same two layers of batting for this one also. All the quilting was done on my Pfaff.


To make the applique pop, I echoed the edge of the applique, then about a 1/8″ from the first echo. I also used a fusible wash away applique sheet (that I did not wash out) to create the applique pieces that also gives it a little bit of dimension. I wanted the quilting to be different than Desert Dance, so I quilted these little single swirls. I decided to carry them into the background of the blocks. That was a lot of quilting and it took me several days just to do that. I’m happy with it now, but while I was doing it, I kept asking myself, “What was I thinking”!

I quilted continuous curves in the pieced blocks again, but I wanted this quilt to have a more traditional feel to it, so that meant feathers and cross-hatching.


I used a 12″ arc template to make the curved cross-hatch and a straight template to make the diamonds in the setting blocks. I do mark points, lines and circles where necessary. I try to use an air erasable marker whenever possible.


I marked the circle for my feather wreath so I would have a chance at keeping it about the same diameter all the way around. At first, I didn’t quilt the little swirls, but decided it needed it after doing two of them.


I treated all the borders as one. I did free form feathers and feather flowers, filling in with swirls and pebbles. I have never quilted with this technique before. I loved doing it, but I did have to think about what was coming next and what to fill in with.



I used Aurifil color 2110 everywhere on this quilt. I had this much left from a full spool, but I did use color 2000 for the bobbins on the last two borders to make sure I had enough for the top.


The backing is Elementary by Sweetwater for Moda. Again, the quilting shows up so nicely on the back. I can see the appeal of whole cloth quilts.


Here they are together.  I love them both. They are the same and yet not the same. I hope you will post yours when you are finished at the following places:

Now to win the Clearly Perfect Angles giveaway, leave a comment by Sunday, November 13 at 11:59 PM and tell me what progress you have made on Maggie’s Dance. It’s okay if you haven’t started, I have plenty of things downloaded in that to do some day file, too.

Make sure you visit all the other bloggers and leave a comment for your chance to win and see all the creative goodness that is going on with Maggie’s First Dance.  (That’s me)


That brings me to Jacuqelynne’s grand prize giveaway.


She’s going to be giving it away sometime at the end of November, so check in with her to see when it’s going to be.

I would like to thank all of you who visited my blog during this BOM. I hope you keep checking in from time to time. I have all kinds of projects planned! Thanks for stopping by.


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111 Responses to Maggie’s First Dance Final Month

  1. Dixie Walls says:

    I LOVE your Desert Dance. It just reaches out and grabs you. I have been doing this for 1 year and rather late in life to start but that’s the way I do things.


  2. Denise Nash says:

    This will involve math! I began quilting the year I graduated from high school, 1975. I continued for many years until the early- to mid-90s. I was an emergency department RN and due to working around potentially risky patients I gave quilting up, as I hand-quilted my projects. Still working with patients in Urgent Care, but discovered machine quilting about three years ago, so I am back to quilting! Twenty-one active years (approximately).



  3. Béatrice says:

    Your quilting is absolutely amazing !


  4. Katie Clark says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I have been Quilting since I received my first Quilt 26 years ago for my son’s birth. What a journey it has been !!


  5. Cindy Mizer says:

    Thanks for your contest. I’ve been quilting since I was a teen in college-a girl in my dorm taught me how to tie a quilt.


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