Maggie’s First Dance BOM and Giveaway

Welcome to the first month of …


This month, Aurifil is giving away a box of Aurifil Thread from each of the featured bloggers. All details to win are at the bottom of this post. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. Visit Jacquelynne’s block 1 post and sign up.

Jacquelynne’s pattern centers can be appliqued, embroidered or left plain to use a focus fabric. I’m doing the embroidered center. If you have never tried embroidery before, Jacquelynne’s designs are a great way to begin. She also has a video tutorial on getting started.

IMG_1314 (3)

I’m using Bright Sun Fabrics by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda  and DMC Floss for the embroidery. I already have so much floss that I only had to add a few colors. If you need floss, check out Aurifil’s Floss Collection.

If you notice, I added a few extra details to the embroidery.

IMG_1312 (2)

I used Jacquelynne’s cute Note Cards to Color for inspiration. When I saw the note cards, I knew I wanted to add just a little extra to Jacquelynne’s already great design.

IMG_1314 (5)

The flower petals, stems and leaves are all back stitched with three strands of floss. I used two strands of floss for the running stitches inside the petals. I used x-stitches for the centers and marked a little dot where I wanted them to go. Jacquelynne also has a video tutorial for the basic stitches.  The running stitch and x-stitch are a shade lighter than the petals and centers.

I thought I would show you how I prepare the centers for embroidery. When I embroider a piece, I always use another piece of fabric to help stabilize the piece and hide the knots. I have used muslin, another cotton fabric or in this project, Pellon Shape Flex Woven Fusible Interfacing. If you use an interfacing, make sure it’s a woven.
IMG_0886 (3)

You can see the grain lines in this picture. You don’t want your embroidery piece to be too stiff. Now for the prep.

  1. The main fabric is cut larger than the unfinished size of the block. I cut the interfacing the same size as the unfinished block. Then I find the center of each piece by folding horizontally, then opening the fabric up and folding vertically.
  2. I match the fold lines of the wrong side of the main piece and the interfacing.
  3. Then I press the fusible to the wrong side. If I’m using muslin, I’ll baste around the outside to hold the fabrics together.
  4. Next, I find the center of the design by folding horizontally, then vertically.
  5. I use a light box to trace, but you don’t need one. For years, I used a light under a glass table top and I’ve also taped pieces to a window to trace the design.
  6. Now to trace. There are several tools you can use. I prefer a blue water soluble pen. You can also use a Frixon pen or a very thin line permanent Micron Pen. If you use the Frixon or blue pen, you must fuse your interfacing first. The heat will erase the Frixon pen and set the blue pen.

Now you’re ready to embroider. I do use a hoop, but the choice is yours.

I will also be doing the applique version of Maggie’s First Dance. I won a fabric kit from last year’s Cozy Cottage BOM contest. (You can read more here).

IMG_1318 (2)

I will be using Aurifil 50/2 Mako Cotton for the hand applique (and machine piecing). This piece is glue basted and ready to go. I made bias strips with my bias bars for the stems. I’ll tuck in all the points as I’m appliqueing.




Some of my favorite tools for applique: Roxanne’s Glue-Baste-It, Perfect Circles and Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley.





Now for the giveaway. Since it’s the beginning of summer, tell me which is your favorite vacation place; the beach, lake or mountains. Leave a comment by midnight on June 12 for your chance to win an Aurifil box of thread. I’ll choose a winner at random, but make sure you leave your email. This contest is open to US and international readers.

Also, Jacquelynne has set up a Pinterest group board if you would like to share your photos. Go here to request to join the board. She is also doing a Linky page where you can post pictures and see what others are doing. You can also tag your pictures on Instagram, #maggiequilt. Be sure to visit all the featured bloggers and leave a comment for a greater chance to win one of these great Aurifil boxes of thread.  (That’s me)

If you’re new to my blog, I hope you take a few minutes to look around. Happy Embroidering!

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299 Responses to Maggie’s First Dance BOM and Giveaway

  1. Dianne Monroe says:

    My favorite place to vacation is the beach. Since I live near the ocean, I love “stay-cations.”


  2. Susan Dickau says:

    I like to vacation in my backyard. It has a park-like setting and I have the pleasure of seeing deer, wild turkeys and many songbirds.


  3. mindi says:

    The beach! I love the beach. This is such a cute block!


  4. Jacqueline Billot says:

    Love the beach. Also love the fabric choice of your block.


  5. Vickie in Cleveland says:

    Since we have lived near Lake Erie for so many years, I would have to say “The Lake”! We have beaches here, too, although I don’t swim! 🙂 I just love your embroidery blocks!


  6. I do love the beach, but the mountains “feel” better! I hate being hot. LOL


  7. D. Walsh says:

    Each summer I visit the beach. I love walking along the edge of the waves early in the morning. The colors of the ocean are beautiful, calming and inspirational.


  8. Judy says:

    Judy Frye I grew up near Lake Michigan and I love the beach. It is so serene.


  9. Dawn says:

    I love the mountains!


  10. Sandy Wootten says:

    I love the beach


  11. Rosalie says:



  12. Liz says:

    My favourite vacation place is where it is quiet enough to hear the birds sing.


  13. Julie Landrith says:

    The cool refreshing mountain air with pine trees and a breeze would be my favorite place to go.


  14. The beach is a favorite place to vacation. I love searching for sea glass


  15. Amanda Best says:

    My favorite place to vacation is the beaches of Oregon. I love the wildness, and the amazing beauty. It is so lovely, I wish I could get there this summer!
    My email is:


  16. Rhonda B says:

    My favorite vacation place would be by a nice mountain lake.


  17. Susan Pfiefer says:

    I love camping in the Sierras or lounging at the beach. Since I live in California halfway between each, I can go either west for the beach or east for the mountains. I’m lucky!


  18. Mary says:

    I really enjoy your blog and your work and I am so grateful for your instructions. Thank You!!!


  19. Karen H. says:

    I love going to the beach and cooking out and swimming. Thanks for the chance to win, love aurifil thread.


  20. Kathy says:

    Beautiful colorful BOM


  21. Diana Scholsky says:

    I love to vacation where there is lots of quiet – so relaxing.


  22. Lynda Morrissette says:

    I really love your fabrics and your embroidery. Thanks for the hints on how you did it! I am new here and really enjoyed looking around. Thanks


  23. Monica says:

    I love going to the beach and camping.


  24. Gene Black says:

    I like the lake in summer.


  25. Rosalee says:

    Love to see all the beautiful blocks! I’m in Indianapolis, IN, and it is cloudy, cool (66) here today.


  26. Linda Janovitz says:

    After seeing all the gorgeous blocks my sewing juices are flowing so before I sew – I am in Surprise, AZ – its 107 and going up to 109


  27. I love HAWAII! Was there my first time at 19 yrs. old and I’m 60 now! The Aloha Spirit never left me!!! Mahalo!!!


  28. Love the mountains this time of year!!!! 🙂


  29. I am originally from WV, so of course the Mountains are always my choice!


  30. Shawna Eddy Kissell says:

    I love the opportunity ocean and if the weather were warmer would at the Oregon Coast every summer,


  31. Sue singer says:

    I love national parks.


  32. Lisa Marie says:

    Mountains are my family’s choice.


  33. Carolyn says:

    Mountains provide me with a majestic feeling that all is great and natural. The beach and ocean give me a feeling of warmth and healing. I follow my heart to receive what my sprit and body needs.


  34. Martha Aiken, SC says:

    I live on the lake with lots of natural wildlife that roam freely around the property. But must say I love my vacations to be at the beach!!! Something about the open water that I just love. Love this block. I’m new to the blog but love this block!!


  35. Brenda says:

    Thank you. The beach is hard to beat.


  36. Linda S. Janovitz says:

    I really like the mountains since the beach in CA is so far from Arizona !


  37. Camille says:

    I like the northwestern area of Wisconsin.


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