My Quilting Nook

Hello everyone. I wanted to take some time out to share my quilting and sewing space with you.  I have a lot of pictures so I hope you enjoy looking at my nook. I always like to see where others create and how they use their space.

It’s taken almost 19 years to get the space organized and set up how it is now. This little corner is what I started with.

IMG_0276 (2)

It’s in the basement and I started out sharing the space with a baby and a 4-year old. I had the two desks, the cutting table and a credenza that you can’t see in this picture.  I keep my old machine, a Pfaff 1371 on this desk. I still use it when I have the QE 4.0 set up for FMQ. The desk at the back  left is my ironing station and looks out into the back yard.

IMG_0278 (2)

This is where I sew now.

IMG_0267 (2)

It’s on the ping-pong table that the kids begged us to buy from a neighbor at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I think we kept it cleared off for about a year before things started piling up. You can see that this is a nice big room, but it is a shared space. When the kids were little, there was a “Thomas the Train” track on the floor, an airport, Legos, craft things, etc. I had to stay in my corner. The ping pong table is all nice and clean in this picture. I did a major clean up and put everything back in its space right after Christmas. It doesn’t look like this now, but it isn’t as bad as it was before. Before I took over the whole table, the Thomas the Train became a whole model railroad, complete with a plywood base, tunnel, buildings and landscaping. It set on the far end of the table. It was cool and my son spent a lot of time with it, but he eventually outgrew it, so I took over the whole table. Now for a tour of my half of the room.

IMG_0265 (2)

The credenza was my original storage space along with the wire baskets to the right. A friend that I worked with built it for me along with a bookcase in another room. It has three graduating drawers and on the left, the doors open to three shelves. The file boxes contain quilt patterns and the notebooks contain my project notes and stitchery patterns. Have you noticed the shelf along the walls?  The previous owner finished the basement and had a pool table. The little shelf was supposed to hold drinks. For me, it mostly holds mementos.


The cabinet used to hold toys and the bookcase was in my daughter’s room. The shelf on top of the cabinet holds works in progress and the cabinet contains my yarn.


These bins were also my daughter’s. Now, they hold fabric that’s been designated for a project so I don’t use it for something else.


These bins hold my fabric and are kept under the ping-pong table. I also store batting and some scraps under here.


I’m not very tall, but I have to have my chair at its tallest height to sew comfortably, so I need the foot pedal on a platform. Some day, I would like to get a big table and insert my machine into it.

IMG_0265 (3)

This is my mini’s wall. I used twine and clips to hang the quilts up. This way, I can easily change my quilts out with the seasons and move them to other places in the house.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have pictures of your sewing space, I would love to see them. Put a link to your blog or your pictures in your comments so we can all enjoy it.

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6 Responses to My Quilting Nook

  1. Very nice! I’ve posted a few over time of my sewing area, but not in one post together.


  2. Lydia S says:

    You’ve done a great job organizing your space. When I have my own “space” maybe you can come help me!


  3. Emily Hotinger says:

    Love the space Brenda! Too bad it doesn’t look like this now 😜
    Love your daughter


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