2016 Finish-A-Long, Second Quarter



Hello everyone. It’s time to present my list of things I would like to accomplish during the second quarter of the Finish-A-Long for 2016 and link up at Clover and Violet. I completed 5 things from last quarter that were on my list.  I blogged about those finishes here. A couple of projects from that list have been added to this quarters list to finish.  I actually made two lists for spring.


The first contains things I’d like to get completely finished for the FAL.

Starting from the top:

  1. Stars in the Garden- I’m hand quilting and am on the third outer sashing piece.
  2. Village by Miss Rosie’s Quilt CO, Minis and More project for March and April
  3. David’s T-Shirt Quilt – Would like to have this finished by the end of April. He’s graduating in May.
  4. Patterns for Pretty Little Pouches by Cotton Way and Mini Swoon by Thimbleblossoms. Fabric is already set aside for these.
  5. April’s stitchery for “a year in the garden” by Jenny of Elefantz
  6. May’s stitchery for “a year in the garden”
  7. June’s stitchery for “a year in the garden”
  8. One of the following garments, Top, Dress or Skirt. Haven’t decided which one yet.
  9. Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy – knitting
  10. Not pictured, May and June Minis and More projects. I don’t know what these are going to be yet, but I plan on participating. You can find more information here.

The second is a list of things to finish (BOM’s), to continue to work on, or to get started.

IMG_0884 (2)


This list has Maggie’s First Dance Free BOM (don’t forget to sign up), and IT SHOULD HAVE, Blocks on the Go, for Quilts on the Grow EPP BOMs. I’ll have to go back and add them to my list. I also want to get started on Jake’s Quilt. He is graduating next month from college and I would like to have it finished sometime this summer.





I know it looks like a lot, but most of the projects are small. I also like to do the hand work while I watch TV at night. The hardest thing will be the garment; not the sewing, but getting the sizing right. I’m linking up to the FAL at Clover and Violet. Be sure to check out everyone’s list and add your own.  It’s a great way to keep you on track. If you’re like me, there’s always something new to do, but the ones that have been started need to get finished.

Thanks for stopping by.

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11 Responses to 2016 Finish-A-Long, Second Quarter

  1. Lydia S says:

    Wow! you have a lot planned. Can’t wait to see the Linum Tee. Bristol Ivy has a good reputation as a designer. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.


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