Trip Projects

Whenever we travel, I always have at least one hand project with me. If we are going to be gone longer than a weekend, I will usually have two.  For this trip, I brought January’s and February’s “a year in the garden” stitcheries by Jenny of Elefantz.


You can see Jenny’s stitchery on the photocopy. Her stitches are amazing. After I saw the pictures of mine, I might remove the brown stitches on the pitcher. They aren’t very straight. These are the ones that I did on the couch. All the others were done in the car. I wonder if I wasn’t paying as close attention to them because I was watching TV?


Each month’s stitchery will be made into a mini quilt on a mini quilt. The monthly minis are approximately 6″ x 7″ and the background mini is about 11″ x 12″. Check out Jenny’s website to see her beautiful work and get more information on the Stitchery Club. I’m hoping to get the background quilt made in time to display January’s for a few days.


These are the english paper piecing “Blocks on the Go for Quilts that Grow” (BOG) from Katjas Quilt Shoppe Quilt Along. I have never EPP before and I haven’t gotten used to holding the pieces together. I forgot my clips, so I bought a small pack at the The Crazy Cousin  LQS in Fredericksburg. I hope that will make them easier to stitch.

I’ve completed the pieced part of the first two blocks. I started with block 2 because it didn’t have any Y seams.  I am using a glue stick to hold the paper on the fabric while I cut the seam allowance. I also use a glue stick to turn the seam allowance over the edge of the paper. This technique is in Katja’s book, The New Hexagon. I found this tutorial on Pinterest from  Anjeanette Klinder on stitching the blocks together. The stitch is almost like doing a mattress stitch when you are sewing knitted pieces together. I experimented with the whip stitch, but you could see my stitches. I wouldn’t be happy if my stitches showed. I hope to get the other two blocks finished on this trip.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love hear from anyone doing the BOG Quilt Along.


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3 Responses to Trip Projects

  1. Lydia S says:

    I may have to check out that tutorial-I’m finding it a bit cumbersome doing the whip stitches with paper in between. Love that this project is portable.


  2. Lydia S says:

    I have found the whip stitching with the paper a bit cumbersome and it takes some getting used to. I do love the portability of this project.


  3. You can never pack too many projects, I love the portability of this BOG Quilt Along


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